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Here are a few examples of some of the entrepreneurial ventures we've taken a stake in.

OMGs | Image OMG's

In 1996, Chris Emery and Larry Finnson decided to introduce the world to Chris Emery's grandma secret recipe. Clodhoppers, a graham wafer/fudge cluster treat, quickly became a phenomenon in the candy world.
Chris and Larry have struck gold again with OMGs, deliciously scrumptious chocolatey graham wafer clusters, mixed with diced almonds, and toffee bits, available in both milk and dark chocolate.

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Balzac's Coffee Roasters | Image Balzac's Coffee Roasters

The philosophy of Balzac's is simple: serve exceptional coffee in a beautiful environment. Balzac's stand out in the crowded coffee industry for their special blend of atmosphere and product. Owner Diana Olsen strives to create an aesthetic in each café which reflects the spirit of its surrounding neighborhood. And the coffee is truly extraordinary — Balzac's micro-roasts their own beans in their Stoney Creek Roastery and beans are delivered fresh each week.
Touted in the New York Times as a "don't miss" destination and the Toronto Star as "the most spectacular coffee shop in Canada", Balzac's is an exceptional experience that can't be missed.

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Urban Cultivator | Image Urban Cultivator

Grow your own herbs and greens year round with Urban Cultivator. Urban Cultivator's goal is to take hydroponic growing where no company has gone before. From basements and backrooms to a focal point of any proud chefs kitchen. Local is the way to go, and now you can have an active hand in the food your loved ones eat no matter where you live. Connect to your food, connect to your family.

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