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Ryan Mulligan

Posted by Ryan Mulligan on 2014-05-16
Title: Business marketing and advice suggestions
Category: Marketing

Start: 2014-05-16
End: 2014-05-30

Can anybody recommend some sites or speakers that offer repitable videos and audio content on marketing and other business advice that does not charge? I've recently signed up for some webinars that charged a fee only to find out that is was all basic stuff repeated over and over.

Cedar Thokme

Cedar Thokme
2014-05-20 11:42:00


Brandee Featherstone

Brandee Featherstone
2014-05-27 21:28:00

Your question would need more detail if you are looking for referrals? Consider asking a more defined and to the point question. Check out local networking groups in your city and Chamber of commerce. Talk to people.