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Sue Hanson

Posted by Sue Hanson on 2013-11-04
Title: Finding a Mentor
Category: Leadership

Start: 2013-11-04
End: 2013-11-08

How does one find a suitable mentor? I need to partner with someone who can critique my business plan and not steal the idea (yes I worry about this, too!). I have lots of experience in start-up but not in social investorship. I need to connect with someone experienced in that venue with a real interest in helping plan and launch social initiatives. In return, I can contribute and help with any project or cause that the mentor happens to be working on.

Mark Burdon

Mark Burdon
2013-11-04 19:20:00

Hi Sue

I don't know where you are in Canada however you should seek out Coworking communities in your area. They are usually full of startups and creative, collaborative people who understand the benefits of Social Enterprise and Mentorship.

You can find many Coworking spaces across Canada (and worldwide) at:


In the Greater Toronto area, Jeremy O'Krafka's MentorUp initiative is like a dating site for entrepreneurs looking for mentors:


Startup Canada, a great organization that I have worked with has a Mentorship Challenge going on this month.


Startup Canada also has a Social Entrepreneurship page on their Pivot Magazine eZine.


Hope this helps!