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Bina Sharma (Sasi Kala)

Posted by Bina Sharma (Sasi Kala) on 2014-01-17
Title: Suggestions to Crowdfund my New Book
Category: Money

Start: 2014-01-17
End: 2014-01-24

My formal name is Bina Sharma, but my name is Sasi Kala in the book I published last year, "Longing to Belong: An Immigrant Woman's Story". I'm also freelance writer and an entrepreneur. I'm with my second book and looking for a financial help in publishing it. Could someone please suggest me where I should go?


Mark Burdon

Mark Burdon
2014-01-17 15:30:00

Hi Bina

You should check out Indie Ink Publishing which is led by a National Crowd Funding Association of Canada as an ambassador:


Also Wattpad, the Toronto based social media site for writers has a "Fan Funding" program.



You can find info about Wattpad elsewhere on YouInc however thought I would offer it as an option. You might also want to check out GreedyGiver.com or even Indiegogo.

Mark Burdon