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J.D. Lewis

Posted by J.D. Lewis on 2015-11-09
Title: How to judge a marketing firm?
Category: Marketing

Start: 2015-11-09

How to judge a marketing firm?

John Papaloni

John Papaloni
2015-11-13 02:07:00

You can see what to expect from a company just by watching how they present themselves. Ex: if you are seeking help with social media & the agency you're talking to has no presence online you may want to pass on it. Find someone who uses their own service.

Marayna Dickinson

Marayna Dickinson
2015-11-11 16:11:00

I find it's helpful if you look at previous projects that they have worked on and that are similar to your industry. Also, make sure they are competent in the type of work you need done - ie, branding, strategy, advertising, etc.

Kenneth Maclean

Kenneth Maclean
2015-11-11 08:22:00

I guess it depends on what kind of marketing services you are seeking. Personally I would assess the company based on the following - relevant industry experience, case studies/results, cultural fit, and area of specialization. And lastly billable rates.