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Nash Damji

Posted by Nash Damji on 2014-02-05
Title: HR Management
Category: Operations

Start: 2014-02-05
End: 2014-02-19

As a growing company, managing HR is a challenge and most of the software that I have seen falls short of our requirements... anybody use a web based HR software system?

Sandra Panara

Sandra Panara
2014-02-08 09:56:00

Hi Nash

I am the founder of HireQ.com which is launching in beta next week. I would like to better understand your challenges and also what you expectations are of a good HR system. HireQ.com is highly focused on sourcing in this first release. If you have time to speak with me next week, please let me know and we can setup a time that is mutually convenient.

Kindest regards.

Sandra Panara

Founder, HireQ Inc.

Donna Benson

Donna Benson
2014-02-15 22:26:00

Hi ..I built my own. Happy to share or collaborate to improve.

donna@healthresearch.ca (or better ..donnabenson59@yahoo.com)