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Cameron Tora

Posted by Cameron Tora on 2014-02-20
Title: Advice for a new manager & business owner
Category: Leadership

Start: 2014-02-20
End: 2014-02-27

My name is Cameron, I am 18, and I am going to be owning and operating my own paint company (with Student Works Painting) this coming summer in Muskoka, Canada. I have been President of councils before, but never had to manage a crew or finances. I am excited, but anxious, as I feel the training I have been receiving has not prepared me for success (yet). If there is any advice, anyone has for me, I am all ears. My goal for this summer to book over $100,000 worth of work, which is a fairly large goal. Thanks!!

Peter Henry

Peter Henry
2014-02-22 09:15:00

Cameron, we are looking for people like you with a willingness to learn and the ability to utilize our proprietary business framework that is accompanied by an on online toolset that will structure and drive your business forward. Because we are an early stage company we are positioned to work with a small group of entrepreneurs that will give us some good feedback about our portal (under development) and services. I am happy to have you talk about trialling the service and let you talk to a recent customer. You can see our company at www.growthlogic.biz and I would be happy to discuss this.