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Cathy Gifford

Posted by Cathy Gifford on 2013-10-31
Title: Off shore manufacturer.
Category: Operations

Start: 2013-10-31
End: 2013-11-14

Does anyone had any experience with working with Chinese ceramics manufacturers?

Mark Burdon

Mark Burdon
2013-11-05 17:26:00

Try HumanScope in Barrie just sent you an e-mail. They have manufacturing plants in China. Good luck!

Danica majernikova

Danica majernikova
2013-11-04 10:12:00

yes, i have been doing sourcing and product development for 25 years

I can help you

steve at alfinec

Matt Vegh

Matt Vegh
2013-10-31 22:43:00

Cathy. Which products in particular? For example; there is a major industry cluster located around Jiajiang, Sichuan Province, in China, but mostly specialized in ceramic floor tile products. Though many manufacturers are suffering from the current state of oversupply, so they may be keen to extend and expand their product lines. You could probably walk in the door for a song and have your own plant.