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Marc Smith

Posted by Marc Smith on 2014-01-31
Title: Product is successful - How to increase sales?
Category: Marketing

Start: 2014-01-31
End: 2014-02-14

I know my target market – facilities managers. 10% of the 800 employees in a well-known technology Corporation are exclusively using my invention to convert workstations to standing configuration and their orders are accelerating. Can anyone give me ideas on marketing and how to get this phenomenon to start propagating to other companies?


2014-02-07 21:54:00

Have you considered industry trade shows to showcase your product? Our company is in a similar situation, so we get max exposure, build interest, get sales. Use your current clients' feedback - MailChimp & Twitter - free! Hit the decision makers directly

Richard Bryer

Richard Bryer
2014-02-03 13:46:00

How is your invention packaged- can you use the reseller channel to go to market? Is there room in your pricing model for margin for one( reseller only) or two Distributor to reseller) levels of channel

Joshua Gordon

Joshua Gordon
2014-02-05 12:00:00

Know your prospects' decision making process and goals. Using stats and case studies, craft a presentation showing the benefits your prospect can expect. Connect w/decision makers and prove they will reach their goals faster with you than without you.