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Posted by YouInc.com on 2013-10-02
Title: Supporting social causes in pre-profit scenario?
Category: Money

Start: 2013-10-02
End: 2013-10-10

Should I be giving a percentage of my earnings to a social cause even when I am not yet as profitable as I should be?

Melody McKinnon

Melody McKinnon
2013-10-07 14:47:00

You don't have to hand over cash to be socially responsible. Give your time, promote causes & charities through your website & social media, bring them into your events, etc. Remember Bob Barker ending his show with a reminder to have pets spayed/neutered? Didn't cost him a dime, yet created valuable awareness. :-)

Gerry Brown

Gerry Brown
2013-10-09 11:43:00

If your target market includes a large % of millenials, then the answer is yes. A cause component should be a part of your brand from the start; you can think of it as part of your marketing budget. As for what "not yet as profitable as I should be" means, I haven't a clue.

Gillian daSilva

Gillian daSilva
2013-10-04 13:22:00