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Chris Swail

Posted by Chris Swail on 2014-03-27
Title: Next move to develop my product idea
Category: Leadership

Start: 2014-03-27
End: 2014-04-03

What companies have you worked with to develop an idea for retail? I have a product I would like to develop - the idea (including how it looks and functions), but not the know how to execute. I have done my own market research and it has been met with positive reviews. Where do I go next?

Faith Chipman

Faith Chipman
2014-03-28 22:39:00

If it's an actual physical product then start by taking something similar from store shelf. Look on the packaging to see if there is a manufacturer listed. I suggest calling them specifically asking for R & D or product development. Ask them directly where to go. You'll be surprised how people like helping. No better way to find out than good old fashioned asking.

That's how I found some of my manufacturers.



W. Paul Vickers

W. Paul Vickers
2014-03-27 23:04:00

Are you looking for a manufacturer to make the product for you? Are you interested in a licensing arrangement with a current manufacturer/wholesaler? What type of distribution/sales model will you use? Will you sell direct to the public, wholesale directly to retailers/resellers, or will you sell to distributors? Do you have a prototype? How extensive was your market research? Did it include pricing? Was the research aimed at consumers or business owners? Do you have orders for the product? Answering these questions will help you to determine your next steps.