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Thaily Toral-Garcia

Posted by Thaily Toral-Garcia on 2014-07-15
Title: What habits to give up from the corporate world?
Category: Leadership

Start: 2014-07-15
End: 2014-07-29

Wearing all the hats when you start your own business is daunting when you have operated in the corporate world all your career. Managing all areas (even if delegating some tasks) seriously slows down any progress as everything requires my attention and execution. Any advice on how to efficiently manage all functions when you are a small company just starting out ? A million thanks in advance for any thoughts shared!

Kenneth Maclean

Kenneth Maclean
2014-07-16 09:28:00

Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses is key. You might consider making a list of all the duties in the business and put them into three categories.

1. Strength

2. Neutral

3. Weakness

Then think about resources who can help you with #2, and #3. Maybe you are particular strong at sales but need assistance in financial management and marketing.

I would find a mentor or consultant with deep expertise in financial management. For marketing you might be able to hire a student with some creative and web design skills at a low cost. THere's lots of talented young people out there looking for experience like this. Good luck!

Nancy Beaton

Nancy Beaton
2014-07-15 16:46:00

Hello Thaily,

The key is to take a look at all the attention and execution you go through when starting up your small company. Focusing on what is important and what is not urgent is key. Important being, what is the most productive use of your time? And how are these tasks contributing significantly to your goals and objectives? And Urgent become those tasks that must be done now. Again looking to if these urgent activities are contributing to your goals and objectives. Prioritizing your tasks and noticing where you are spending too much time on a task or process, and where you might be spending too little time. What are the time-wasters in your life? What is the best way for you to prioritize your tasks, ie. lists, mind mapping, having a magic button that does it all for you (just a little humour here). See if answering some of these helps when you wear your Hat. will be happy to answer any further questions that come up for you. Good luck! NancyBea of NancyBea Coaches