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Posted by YouInc.com on 2014-01-20
Title: Work/Life Balance?
Category: Leadership

Start: 2014-01-20
End: 2014-01-27

How do you create work/life balance? Is it a compromise between work & family? A Blend? Share your tips and insights with the community.

Lisa Beal

Lisa Beal
2014-01-21 06:57:00

I've worked hard over the years trying to figure out what would work best for everyone involved and in the end I realized that I had to do what made me happy and fulfilled. Sometimes that meant that family took priority and sometimes it was work but if I made those decisions based on what someone else felt or thought than I would find myself full or anger or resentment and was then not able to be my best for anyone!! Over all my family was my focus, work would only hold the priority if they were fine.

Sheri Wasik

Sheri Wasik
2014-01-20 15:11:00

Decide what you want. What are you willing to do and not do to get what you want. What kind of time are you open to utilizing to get what you want? Remember that balance is constantly changing. Feeling balance does not mean things are figured out and then stay the same. try this exercise... stand up - close your eyes - lift one foot - keep your balance for as long as you can. Does it change after awhile? right away? do you have to adjust? It is the same when you are determining life/work balance.

Paul Lemieux

Paul Lemieux
2014-01-22 11:30:00

That's a loaded question. I am very fortunate to have a wife and children who understand me. Your business has to come first that is why you got into it in the first place. When you do have time with family do things they really enjoy even if it's not high on your list of things to do. I also think you have to keep some me time. Time where you do something you really enjoy away from work eg gym, biking, skiing, horse back riding ect. With today's technological advances I believe it is a lot easier. Wow 512!