4 TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

4 TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Leadership | Posted by YouInc.com - December 14, 2015 at 1:00 am

If you’ve ever been moved by a TED Talk, you get the idea behind these keynote speeches: to share ideas and seed discussion. YouInc has compiled our top four TED Talks guaranteed to inspire entrepreneurs. So take a break from your busy schedule to learn something new, TED style. 

1. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Ever wonder why crowds gravitate towards certain leaders, why consumers are loyal to particular brands, or why some employees love working for their companies? Here’s a hint: “People don’t believe in what you do, they believe in why you do it.” Watch Simon Sinek’s talk and uncover ways that you can inspire action, and become a better leader and entrepreneur.


2. Susan Cain: The power of introverts

In order to be creative, you need to put yourself in environments that stimulate you, which can be difficult for introverts to do in a world that favours extroverts. In her talk, Susan Cain advocates the importance of catering to both groups of people – something entrepreneurs need to do if they want to foster the most productive environments for themselves and their team. Find out more about the habits of introverts and extroverts, and why both groups are equally valuable.


3. Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

Your happiness isn’t shaped by your environment, it’s shaped by how you perceive the world around you. As an entrepreneur, you experience ups and downs every day, and you need to react in ways that help you overcome these challenges, not succumb to them. If you can train your brain to be positive in the moment, you will actually increase your productivity and happiness – Shawn Achor explains how and why in his hilarious yet informative talk.


4. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Entrepreneurs often find themselves in high stress situations, whether it’s pitching to investors or negotiating with clients – and sometimes it’s hard to find the confidence to feel like you’re cut out to deal with all of it. Amy Cuddy delivers some good news in her talk: if you change your posture for just two minutes, you can make yourself more confident, and more capable of handling high stress situations. She shares with the audience how it is possible to not only fake it till you make it, but to fake it till you become it.


If you’re ever looking for a new perspective, TED is a great place to start. Entrepreneurs are always learning and adapting, and we hope these four videos spark some new ideas.

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