6 Ways Entrepreneurs Create Discipline To Accomplish Amazing Things

6 Ways Entrepreneurs Create Discipline To Accomplish Amazing Things

Leadership | Posted by YouInc.com - September 10, 2018 at 12:30 am

Entrepreneurs are basically superheroes, but like everyone else, sometimes they need a little motivation. We’ve collected advice from some of the top thought leaders in the realm of accomplishment and goal setting to steer you in the right direction. Here are six of the best ways to boost your productivity, create discipline for yourself, and accomplish your best entrepreneurial story.

1.    Stop Being Controlled By Excuses

Entrepreneurs need to succeed despite excuses—regardless if those excuses stem from outside sources, uncontrollable factors, or ourselves. As a decision maker, we hold the power to choose whether or not excuses keep our hands tied. 

“Every time you’re able to face fear and tell it to get lost; or when you start to feel uncomfortable, but decide to go ahead with whatever the task or project is anyway, you’re making yourself stronger,” advises Kate Erickson, Content Creator and Implementer at EOFire.

2.    Remove Those Excuses Altogether

Instead of saying “I can't,” ask yourself “how can I make this happen?” By removing your comfort zones, you should be more focused toward achieving results. Marketing and business building expert Jim Palmer suggests kicking the fear out and letting yourself lose. 

“In doing this, you allow yourself to test out and try some of the things that will then help your business grow into the dream business you have always wanted,” he says.

3.    Make Discipline A Habit

“Discipline is the greatest obstacle in preventing most people from achieving the levels of success they desire,” says Sherrie Campbell, a psychologist in Yorba Linda, California. To initiate a new habit, Campbell recommends reviewing your goals every morning or before you go to bed. 

Pick a quiet time and/or place where you can focus and visualize what you want to achieve in the short and long term. This will help you to prioritize and set the most important goals on your list for the next day. Imagine yourself achieving your goals and the feelings of success that will come along with it. This way, you start your day in a productive and positive mindset.

4.    Be Intentional With Those Habits

Living life thoughtfully is easier said than done. Luckily, researchers at Stanford University have broken down the method to successfully achieving a goal into three easy steps: 1) determine your desired outcome; 2) identify the easy-win behaviours or tiny habits that will put you on the path to that goal; and 3) find a trigger—something that you already do as a habit—and graft the new habit onto it. The theory is that small victories will consciously or subconsciously encourage you to break down the barriers you set up for yourself.

5.    Focus

Entrepreneurs can get overwhelmed easily. Often wearing many hats, distraction can slow down a person’s trajectory to success. To prevent lack of growth from leading to profit loss or other serious problems, concentrate on one task at a time. By removing distractions and interruptions, including technology and clutter around your workspace, your focus will benefit.

“Having a single focus helps you reach your goal faster because all of your energies are directed on one task,” advises business strategist Debbie Frank, who works with entrepreneurs to bring their vision to the marketplace. “Clear your mind, prioritize, and delegate or simply don’t do it.”

6.    Remain Consistent

Consistency is everything. Many declare it to be the difference between failure and success. Company strategist Eric Holtzclaw says that in his experience, consistency is a must as you build and grow a business. It creates accountability, maintains your message, makes your relevant, and allows for measurement.

“When something doesn't work, I look back at what happened and ask some serious questions. Did we shift gears too quickly? Did part of the team not deliver on a commitment? Or was the expected outcome off base from the start? Most of the time, the reason tracks back to lack of consistency.”

Your routine of daily habits primes you for excellence and aligns you to achieve remarkable things in both business and life.

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Leah Miller

Leah Miller is a content writer at Venture Communications, a leading national marketing agency based in Calgary, Alberta. Prior to joining the Venture team, she was editor of several petroleum engineering journals and worked with academia to publish technical textbooks for universities. With a background working in news and business journalism across Canada, Leah also dabbles in graphic design and editing fiction in her spare time.

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