Entrepreneurs Who Changed The World

Entrepreneurs Who Changed The World

Leadership | Posted by YouInc.com - March 31, 2016 at 12:00 am

From time immemorial, enterprising individuals have been kicking ass and taking names – all for the greater good.

Entrepreneurs are great achievers. The greatest among them have revolutionized business and transformed the way we live. Their accomplishments are not easily compared, but there is commonality between them.

Each of these self-made men and women have had the courage to pursue a dream, coupled with the confidence and determination to overcome obstacles, time and time again.

The list of significant entrepreneurs is long – and far from complete. But the lessons we learn from them are timeless, and pertinent to your own life and business.

And remember, it can happen: your story could be next.

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Jenny Watson
Jenny Watson is a freelance graphic designer and some-time DJ based in Toronto. Check out some of her work at www.missjennywatson.com.
Kristin Kent

Kristin Kent is a multimedia journalist living in Toronto. Her work has appeared in the Toronto Star, Marketing, Profit Magazine and more. For YouInc, she’s tackling issues that matter most to entrepreneurs – and she’s doing it in a way most of us learn best. Think infographics, punchy videos and illustrated features.

Dragan Cvijan
October 11, 2013 at 7:48 pm
Great they are. and equaly great are coming on stage.
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