Five Tips To Make Staff Happier And More Engaged

Five Tips To Make Staff Happier And More Engaged

Leadership | Posted by - January 13, 2017 at 12:30 am

Invest in company culture.

Regardless if you're a corporation of 10,000 employees or a small business with a team of six - a healthy and happy workplace culture is critical to your success. Since 90% of our buying decisions are made subconsciously, it makes sense that the mood of our employees impacts the customer experience both positively and negatively. Plasticity Labs research discovered that employees who focused on and described three things that they were thankful for at work reported a greater sense of community and overall positive thinking. It also increased job satisfaction which is linked to job performance and reduction in turnover. Also, happier employees speak more favourably of the companies they work for. Imagine that your employees are also your best brand ambassadors and your most valuable talent recruiters. A happier staff will confidently promote outside of work and they will attract like-minded people to your business. 

Create an open stream of communication.

It is important that leadership encourages open communication amongst staff - particularly because stress in small business settings can be felt by everyone. An authentic happiness strategy in the workplace includes conflict resolution, not conflict avoidance. Everyone benefits when team members feel that they can approach their boss with concerns, questions, feedback, and even suggestions. Employees who feel like their opinions matter to their boss are more productive and connected to the overall success of the companies they work for. 

Involve staff in the big picture goals.

Continuously check in with employees and make them feel like they are contributing to the broader goal of the organization. Encourage autonomy within jobs so that staff feel responsibility and motivated within their roles. Don't limit jobs to classifications like part time, full time, or contracted employees. Staff who feel like they are contributing to the bigger picture regardless of job description will be encouraged to work harder and feel engaged when they come in to work. 

Emphasis on gratitude. 

Just like large enterprise organizations, small businesses experience successes and failures. While it is crucial to learn and grow from the disappointments, it is equally as important to continuously recognize the accomplishments. Put an emphasis on gratitude and celebrate the small successes along the way to motivate team members to persevere! Take time daily to discuss what will make each work day amazing to avoid ruminating on the more challenging aspects of work. When pessimism has become contagious, a focus on positivity can be a great barrier to continued negativity. Gratitude prevents discouragement and will shift team mentality to a more optimistic mindset; a key to successful working habits. 

Authenticity at work.

Create a team environment where everyone feels supported by one another and able to be themselves. Get to know employees and encourage them to get to know each other as well. Authenticity has the power to make the workplace an interesting and fun place and allows employees to learn from one another. New Plasticity research suggests that authenticity is crucial to engagement, building trust, increasing happiness and confidence amongst staff. Of employees who report being authentic, the vast majority (80%) believed that it improves the workplace. 


About Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss is the cofounder of Plasticity Labs, a research and technology company that is on a mission to give 1 billion people the tools to live happier, healthier and higher-performing lives. Jennifer is the author of Unlocking Happiness for Work and is a regular Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post contributor. Jennifer and her team were named Canadian Innovators of the Year, she is a recipient of The National Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama and was most recently honoured with the Global Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

About Plasticity Labs

Plasticity Labs is a research and technology company that is on a mission to give 1 billion people the tools to live a happier and higher performing life. The platform combines the concepts of neuroplasticity and psychological sciences to increase emotional intelligence and happiness. Recognized as Innovators of the Year, Plasticity built first-of-its-kind technology that combines social collaboration, surveying, micro-training, predictive personal development, and data insights, to increase individual happiness and higher performing groups. 

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