Game Changer Profiles: Eric Fallon, CEO, Rebels Refinery

Game Changer Profiles: Eric Fallon, CEO, Rebels Refinery

Leadership | Posted by - May 27, 2014 at 1:00 am

Eric Fallon is a natural-born entrepreneur and risk-taker. So when his 9-to-5 job left him unhappy and mirrors started reflecting back to him the indulgences of his youth, the solution was obvious. Eric took a risk and, with his best friends and current business partners, launched Rebels Refinery, an all-natural line of skincare products for men. In the video directly below, Eric talks to YouInc about taking risks, being kind to others, and above all, being good to yourself.

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Marayna Dickinson

Marayna Dickinson is a Toronto based photojournalist working for YouInc. You can follow her photographic eye on Instagram or on Twitter (@marayna).

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