Game Changer Profiles: Sarah Wilcox & David O'Connor, Co-Founders, Genuine Tea

Game Changer Profiles: Sarah Wilcox & David O'Connor, Co-Founders, Genuine Tea

Leadership | Posted by - March 12, 2019 at 1:00 am

Genuine Tea is the brainchild of Sarah Wilcox and David O’Connor, who started the company to bring more transparency and authenticity into Canada’s tea industry and highlight the beauty of premium, hand-crafted teas. Their experience as tea experts comes from spending five years in Taiwan, touring several plantations and learning the art of tea harvesting and crafting. In 2015, the two decided to return home to Canada and launch Genuine Tea, a provider of premium teas purchased directly from farmers across Asia who they have formed personal relationships with. Genuine Tea is served in over 200 cafes in Ontario and New York and available through their growing online store.
In 2019, Genuine Tea completed District Ventures Accelerator’s Cohort VI program. Watch the video to see how Genuine Tea is leading the Third Wave Tea movement in Canada and why this duo is determined to close the gap between the tea in your cup and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing it.

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