Game Changer Profiles: Yona Shtern, CEO, Beyond the Rack

Game Changer Profiles: Yona Shtern, CEO, Beyond the Rack

Leadership | Posted by - March 20, 2014 at 12:30 am

Yona Shtern knew that if he didn’t launch his business somebody else would – and he would regret it forever. That’s when he decided to start Beyond The Rack, a private shopping club for men and women who are looking for unique, designer apparel and household items (at discounted prices nonetheless). His gamble to go "all in" paid off, as Beyond The Rack now boasts over ten million members.

YouInc had the opportunity to sit down with Yona and talk about his lessons learned, advice for other entrepreneurs, and strategies for handling the bad days.  

Please see directly below for the full video.

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Marayna Dickinson

Marayna Dickinson is a Toronto based photojournalist working for YouInc. You can follow her photographic eye on Instagram or on Twitter (@marayna).

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