High-Achieving Entrepreneurs: What Does That Truly Mean?

High-Achieving Entrepreneurs: What Does That Truly Mean?

Leadership | Posted by YouInc.com - January 26, 2016 at 12:30 am

Ok so we all know you work hard. High-achievers display a set of complex qualities that translate into unfailing fortitude. Let’s look at the empirical literature and see what it means to be a high-achiever. There are a number of critical attributes. Oh sure, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor will you necessarily agree, so go right ahead and dispute these findings. If you do you may cancel out one of the most salient characteristics an entrepreneur must possess.

So here’s the list. Do you dig it?

Upbeat Personality

As an entrepreneur you must believe in yourself and those around you. Fortitude means you will forge on despite inherent challenges or setbacks. Life presents opportunities. The key is a sense of optimism and mastery. As part of your psyche you will get there against all odds. If you believe in yourself so will your team. An upbeat personality translates into being honest with yourself, which allows for proactive improvement and learning.

High-achievers display a set of complex qualities that translate into unfailing fortitude.

Locus of Control 

Entrepreneurs actively choose to function in demanding environments. They demonstrate an uncanny ability to adapt and respond positively to unpredictable scenarios. They never say, “Here we go again” but rather anticipate nothing stays the same. This allows for an ability to flex. Accepting that a business cycle can be volatile or bumpy allows you to be in control.


How do you solve problems? This does require a creative and innovative mindset. Emotional intelligence necessitates an understanding that there are different views and aspirations. Getting high on emotional intelligence requires knowing how to tap into these drivers.

Define Your Optimal Equilibrium

So for the gazillionth time, there is no such thing as work-life balance. However, you do need to strive towards your very own customized equilibrium. Establishing a well-rounded sense of identity is important. If you only play within your business arena there is a law of diminishing returns.

Commitment to Development

Being humble is correlated with personal reflection. Self-awareness leads to accelerated learning. New knowledge and skills amount to a further refinement of your business whether it be from the stage of inception, execution, sustainability or growth.

Ask a trusted peer how many of these attributes you share. I am guessing you have some homework to do. We all do. It’s about knowing where your biggest opportunity resides.

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Cindy Wahler
Cindy Wahler, Ph.D., C.Psych. is a leadership consultant specializing in succession planning and talent management. For additional information or to get in touch with Dr. Wahler, please click here.
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