How To Establish Yourself As A Leader In Your Field

How To Establish Yourself As A Leader In Your Field

Leadership | Posted by - May 26, 2016 at 12:30 am

Establishing yourself as a leader in your industry is no small feat. You might think it’s difficult to stand out in the sea of competition, but it can be done. Remember, there’s only one you in this world – one version of your DNA, so you’ve gotta play to your strength, which is your uniqueness.

Becoming an expert in your field is just smart business. Why, you might ask? Because as you become the leader and go-to person in your field, opportunities open up for you. Society is constantly looking for the experts to pave the way, set the trends, and report on the state of affairs. When you can call yourself the go-to person in your field, well, that will feed your business – with green! Followers DO convert to sales.

So let’s get started, shall we? How can you begin to establish yourself as the expert in your field?


Blogs are an excellent platform and present an opportunity to allow your voice to be heard and spread far and wide. If you don’t have that BLOG tab on your website, add it today. And if you don’t know what to blog about, write about your expertise, your opinions about what’s happening in your industry, what you know and what you’ve learned, a top 10 list, a top 10 how-to list. There is one important rule about blogging: write great content. Content is king.

Anyone can set up a blog in 5 minutes (,, It’s free, and in minutes, you’re a blogger! Go ahead and shine as the expert in your field. Show off your talents. And most importantly, don’t forget to have those sharing buttons visible so people can read your content, and pass it on. My favourite WordPress plugin is Shareaholic.

Social Media

I don’t have to remind you to be on Twitter, Facebook (personal and fan page), Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube (videos are powerful avenues to teach), LinkedIn (I know you’re there already), and Google Plus. Are you dizzy yet? You might be, but don’t be! This is your platform to inform, entertain, teach, share and solidify your voice as the expert you are. And don’t forget to try and keep your handle consistent on all platforms – it makes it easier for your audience to find you. Example: for me, it’s @WomenOnTheFence or @EricaDiamond.

Some tips on how to rock social media: Engage. Ask questions. Answer questions. Give good advice. Provide worthy links. Express emotion. Be playful. Share tips, tactics and strategies to your target audience.  Add value to your community. And remember, social media is a conversation – a two-way conversation, not a one-way advertisement billboard.


An important way to stay in touch with your list, get the word out on your product or service, and establish yourself as a leader in your field is remembering to stay in touch with those who signed up. Some e-mail marketing software that is user friendly and powerful: MailChimp, Constant Contact, Trafficwave.

Media Coverage

There’s no better way to say that you are the expert in your field than to appear on TV, radio, or in a magazine and provide tips in your field. We know that media attention feeds your business, so how do we get booked?

Two Tricks To Getting Media Coverage:

  1. Storytelling. The media loves stories. Give the press a reason to talk about you. What’s your hook? What’s your unique story? Tell it in a story, and once you’re telling that story, find an organic way to incorporate your business into the mix.

  2. Provide tips and value. For example: 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues, 5 Healthy Meal Choices for Kids, 5 Money Saving Strategies, 5 Spring Fashion Trends. Whatever your field, provide tips and solutions to increase your chances of getting booked.

And remember, you can be your best publicist.

Other Ways to Establish Yourself as a Leader

Do public speaking, coaching and consulting via telephone or skype, write a book (even if it’s self-published or an e-book), and offer tele-seminars, webinars, and e-courses.

Remember, it takes time to establish yourself as a leader in your field, but with social media, the ball rolls a lot quicker today. But still, you must be patient. As you build your voice and brand, you will be able to leverage that voice and convert it to dollars.

Good luck! I’d love to know your tips for establishing yourself as the expert in your field.

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