Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture

Leadership | Posted by - September 22, 2016 at 1:00 am

The nature vs. nurture debate has been going on for decades, with popular opinion shifting from one side to the other. YouInc’s latest infographic weighs in on this discussion and takes a look at whether the entrepreneurial spirit is inherited or learned.

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Randy Cameron
Randy Cameron is an illustrator and graphic designer. His passion for information design and visual storytelling led him to create Paris Green Creative. Recent clients include RBC, the Toronto Star and SAP. To see more of his work, please visit:
Kristin Kent

Kristin Kent is a multimedia journalist living in Toronto. Her work has appeared in the Toronto Star, Marketing, Profit Magazine and more. For YouInc, she’s tackling issues that matter most to entrepreneurs – and she’s doing it in a way most of us learn best. Think infographics, punchy videos and illustrated features.

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