Not Accomplishing Enough? Narrow Your Focus

Not Accomplishing Enough? Narrow Your Focus

Leadership | Posted by - June 5, 2017 at 12:00 am

Most entrepreneurs are excellent multi-taskers. This is convenient because most entrepreneurs are multi-tasked. When you’re running the show, you have to make decisions on every aspect of your business, sometimes at an alarming speed. With a seemingly endless barrage of issues requiring attention, many business owners struggle to look up.

Choose one business issue – or theme – from your list of many that you believe you can focus on, and work to affect change in this area.

Most of us can swim along like this for quite some time. We feel busy, busy, busy, but somehow never manage to accomplish the big-ticket items – the issues underpinning the formation and growth of the business. 

How, then, should entrepreneurs manage to avoid endlessly reacting? There are lots of time-management techniques and products to draw upon. And, of course, we should delegate tasks and responsibilities. But we believe that setting a theme or a focus for a set period of time is the best way to simplify and limit time spent on decision-making while effectively creating change in your business. 

What we mean is this: Choose one business issue – or theme – from your list of many that you believe you can focus on, and work to affect change in this area. Maybe you want your theme to be increased sales; perhaps innovation is key; maybe you need to invest in infrastructure and systems, or cost reduction, or hiring… You get the idea. Then, make that your theme, your primary focus as much as possible. For the issues, tasks, and opportunities that cross your path in this time period, simply decide whether they support your theme/focus or not and proceed accordingly. 

We encourage our clients to set a theme quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the business. Depending on the rate of change in your business, you may need a shorter window. Imagine what you could get done if you even put your head down on one issue for a solid week. You won’t solve every problem or cross every item off your to-do list, but you’ll get yourself a whole lot closer with a little focus.


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Fix My Biz
Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell frequently speak on the topic of entrepreneurship to the media, at seminars and conferences. Both women received MBAs from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. They founded Admiral Road Designs, which they sold in 2013 after more than 11 years. These days, the best friends continue to work together, advising other entrepreneurs via their business, Spark Consulting
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Joe Wasylyk
August 27, 2016 at 12:45 pm
My specific focus is on the Seniorpreneur Project which helps seniors 50+ become senior entrepreneurs through lifelong learning and small business training. In my research I try to determine why many if not most seniors are confused when it comes to transitioning from their corporate life to their retirement life. In the corporate job the company defines where the employee should focus their effort and what goals are needed to achieve personal and corporate success. This structured system is usually forgotten when that employee leaves a job or is down sized. To become a seniorpreneur the focus needs to be on health, taking some risks and having the ability to learn something new everyday.
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