The rewards of applying for business awards

The rewards of applying for business awards

Leadership | Posted by - April 10, 2014 at 12:00 am

When you see business awards promoted and presented by various organizations, you might wonder if there is value in putting your name forward to compete. Entrepreneurs that take the time and energy to submit to these awards feel their business offers a product or service that they are proud of and deserves recognition. This recognition can also lead to increased exposure, sales and a distinction used to recruit employees.

Your business could receive a range of benefits by being involved:

  • Peer recognition that you are a leader in your field
  • Prestige that shows your employees your commitment to the business
  • Third party marketing that promotes your business through the competition
  • Networking opportunities that surround the events and ceremonies
  • The potential to further your presence in foreign markets by entering international competitions

Where can you look for business award competitions? Subscribe to industry newsletters or trade magazines and browse their websites. Regularly research the websites of the following organizations as well, and any other business associations in your area:

Once you get involved, each entry you submit will become less time-consuming if you prepare a “press kit” of materials. Initially this will take time and effort; however, the materials used for nominations are fairly standard, so if you can keep the required materials up to date, you've got a head start for the next award. Necessary requirements for applications could include:

  • Letters of recommendation from clients, suppliers and employees
  • Overview of your business (the executive summary from your business plan)
  • Pitch letter that outlines your business' accomplishments
  • List of clients who could nominate your business if self-nomination is not available
  • Short video that describes and highlights your work

Because you're investing time and effort to make your business the best it can be, why not use the recognition of award competitions to promote it? Be prepared for the opportunity to shine. To get started, check out our section on business support organizations or contact the Regional Business Service Centre in your region to find out if there are any local awards that are suitable for your business.

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