Think From the End

Think From the End

Leadership | Posted by - June 6, 2014 at 1:00 am

Alan Frew 1956 – 20??

No one I know, including myself, wants to die, at least not any time soon! Look at the two question marks on my headstone above; creepy thought huh? Okay 
perhaps not for you but it’s certainly creepy for me to be staring into the abyss of those marks and wonder what my final of all numbers will be. 

But what if I told you that no matter what those numbers are going to be (and just for the record I’m shooting for 2056!), they are NOT the most important part of my final marker’s "me" information. Not at all. In fact, not even close. For you see, ladies and gents, the single most important part of any headstone is that little "notch" in the middle of those numbers.

Yes indeed, that one solitary, single, simple little furrow so easily swiped on by the craftsman, that he could probably pop it on there blindfolded. Such a nonchalant and easily overlooked little thing, isn’t it? Sitting slap-dab in the middle of the "when I came in" part and the "when I went out" bit. 

Everything I am today; every hope, and dream, every thought and idea. All of my successes and yes, my failures; all of my beliefs and knowledge and loves, etc., indeed EVERYTHING that made me the man I am today and of course the "man I was" (by the time the question marks are filled in) is represented in that notch.So what will YOURS represent? 

Are you living a life of success on your OWN terms? Spending your life in your OWN way?

What does success mean to you? Never mind the other guy, just you? Are you in full control of the where, why, how, and when of how you spend your time? 

Are you open and receptive to new, possibly risky and perhaps even somewhat "wacky" ideas?

Do you live with the expectation that all you desire shall and should be yours?

Do you believe in your own worthiness and how it serves you so you may have all that you desire?

The universe is and always shall be well-intended – are you?

Do you feel the fear of the next challenge or possible change – BUT do it anyway?

Are you taking the required action each and every second of every day of your life to fulfill your desires and expectations?

And do you live every one of those seconds with passion? 

Take a moment to sit quietly with a pencil and paper, undisturbed and focused, and draw your own headstone date and question marks at the top of the page. Now pop in your own "notch." Got it? Now stare at it. Take your time. Take as long as you need, and think. Think HARD.

You ready? Now, tell me – tell us, tell the world – better yet, TELL THE UNIVERSE.... Who were you? How did you live? Were you all you ever wanted to be? Did you only ever settle for success on your own terms? And did you go for it, in life, with all the action and passion and burning desire that you could possibly muster? In other words: "Notch, Notch . . . Who’s there?"

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Alan Frew
Alan Frew is a five-time Juno Award Winner, five-time Canadian Classic Award Winner and Grammy nominee. As a writer of numerous #1 and top 10 hits, Alan has sold in excess of 5,000,000 CDs. He is co-writer of 2010 Olympic Song I BELIEVE and a recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award.
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