YouInc's Must-See Game Changer Profiles

YouInc's Must-See Game Changer Profiles

Leadership | Posted by - December 4, 2015 at 1:00 am

YouInc’s Game Changer Profiles are interviews with leading entrepreneurs – those that are not only bold enough to start a business, but that are also shaking up their industry along the way. We feel these entrepreneurs have meaningful words of wisdom for others following this path.

These four Game Changer Profiles rank among our favourites because their inspiring messages are relatable to entrepreneurs in every phase. Enjoy!


1. Charles Khabouth, CEO & Founder, Ink Entertainment


Charles Khabouth is the CEO of Ink Entertainment, an edgy event management service and parent company to many of Toronto’s hottest venues. One of his defining moments came when he hit financial rock bottom and was almost forced to close his business. However, he didn’t give up, and here he encourages others to follow suit.




2. David Patchell-Evans, CEO & Founder, GoodLife Fitness


While operating one of Canada’s most successful fitness clubs, it might not be a surprise that David Patchell-Evans wishes to help people. He strives every day to make sure people feel comfortable in their own bodies and love themselves. In this video, he talks about his own journey to loving himself, how fitness made a difference in his life, and how that motivated him to start his business.




3. Amber MacArthur, President, Konnekt Digital Engagement


In this video Amber shares her advice and lessons learned from years of being an entrepreneur. She talks about working multiple gigs, online tools, and her own biggest accomplishments. Ultimately, for Amber and for many others that follow her path, the best part of being an entrepreneur is quite simply the freedom.




4. Matthew Corrin, CEO, Freshii


Despite a rocky start (being robbed by employees, and sending 2 cooks to the hospital), Freshii took off. Success wasn’t easy, but Corrin learned a thing or two along the way. Watch as he shares his top 5 tips, especially for younger or new entrepreneurs, on how to build a successful company.

Check back on YouInc for new Game Changer videos – learn business lessons from entrepreneurs that have been where you are.


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