Your Weekend Reading: Experts Don’t Always Make The Best Teachers & Why You Should Give Your Team Freedom With Business Decisions

Your Weekend Reading: Experts Don’t Always Make The Best Teachers & Why You Should Give Your Team Freedom With Business Decisions

Leadership | Posted by - September 14, 2018 at 12:00 am

Why the best experts sometimes make the worst educators, the case for giving your team the freedom to do the work they think matters, and six ways entrepreneurs create disciple to achieve what they want: 

Give Your Team The Freedom To Do The Work They Think Matters Most - Harvard Business Review  

Companies like Michelin and Carrefour are reconsidering how control is organized in their team structures—and they’re seeing results from the rework. Leaders call it: corporate liberation; a company that allows employees freedom and responsibility to take actions that they believe are best for the company’s vision. To build a freedom-based team, you’ll need to be willing to reduce the traditional role of a manager. 

How To Make Friends As An Adult - The Boston Globe

Making friends as an adult can be hard. According to a relationship expert there are two steps to take: get around the same people regularly and be open to friendships. Research shows that it can take about 50 hours with a person to become casual friends. If you don’t have that time against life responsibilities, learn what you can do instead. 

Those Who Can Do, Can’t Teach - The New York Times 

We assume that the best path to knowledge is to learn from experts in a field. That’s not always the case argues Organizational Psychologist Adam Grant. He says the best doers are the worst teachers, often because they’ve been studying the subject for far too long. Grant believes to learn something new, there are three factors to keep in mind when choosing a teacher. 

New Research Confirms Millennial Men Are Leading A Backlash Against Women’s Rights 
- Women’s Agenda 

New research reveals what Australians really think about believe about the rights, roles, and life responsibilities of men and women. Australian attitudes to gender equality are the apparent reason why social policies and programs have failed to close the gender gap. One finding is striking: about half of male survey respondents strongly agree that gender equality strategies in the workplace don’t take men into account. 

Six Ways Entrepreneurs Create Discipline To Achieve Amazing Things - YouInc 

We interviewed thought leaders to learn six ways to boost your productivity and focus. A California-based psychologist told us, “discipline is the greatest obstacle in preventing most people from achieving the levels of success they desire.” Discipline has to become a habit and it starts with daily goal setting. 

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