Your Weekend Reading: The One Type of Failure You Should Feel Bad About & Reconsidering The Fat Startup

Your Weekend Reading: The One Type of Failure You Should Feel Bad About & Reconsidering The Fat Startup

Leadership | Posted by - August 31, 2018 at 12:30 am

Why there’s only one type of failure you should feel bad about, Clearbanc Co-founder Michele Romanow’s measure of success, and how Elon Musk’s mother produced a family of entrepreneurs: 

There Are Three Types Of Failure, But Only One You Should Actually Feel Bad About - Quartz At Work 

It’s easy to criticize ourselves for everyday failures. Instead, we should look for value out of our mistakes says Amy Edmondson, professor of leadership at Harvard Business School. She introduces three types of failures: preventable failures, complex failures, and intellectual failures, but there’s only one that we should actually feel bad about. Read on to find out. 

Meet The Women Taking Over The MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 List - 

In the list’s nearly 20-year history, women outnumber men for the first time. These young innovators are being recognized for complex work like taking down bias in machine learning, providing women with resources for how to handle domestic violence, and helping robots learn by watching and repeating.

Parenting: Mother Of Invention - The Economist 

Meet Maye Musk, the mother of three entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk, the world’s most famous inventor. The Economist explores: how did Maye Musk raise three remarkable entrepreneurs? She was a single working mother from a young age with a hand-off parenting style. “I didn’t interfere with their lives.” Her kids had the freedom to take risks, and watched their mother work hard to run her own business from home. 

What I Know Now: Michele Romanow, Co-Founder, Clearbanc - YouInc

In case you missed it this week, Michele Romanow opens up about why we need to embrace failure and imperfection. She tells YouInc, “people can’t run into their first obstacle and say, ‘well, I can’t do it.’ You have to remember that every story was pretty much a disaster the whole way until it got to the end.” 

The Case For The Fat Startup -

To be lean or not to be? In this 2010 post that resurfaced on Twitter recently, Ben Horowitz makes the case for the fat startup. He shows us how as CEO of Loudcloud and Opsware, his team navigated the dot-com crash, squashed competition, and emerged as the no. 1 company in their space. Learn why they didn’t make cash preservation their number one priority.

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Kristen Marano

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