An Elite Athlete’s Guide to the Business of Healthcare

An Elite Athlete’s Guide to the Business of Healthcare

Lifestyle | Posted by - December 9, 2014 at 1:00 am

A busy chiropractor focuses on customers – passing along his invaluable experiences as a professional tennis player.

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Alan Pintaric played professional tennis until a back condition forced him off the courts. As disappointed as he was, however, Pintaric says his injury wasn’t all bad news. “I recovered without the need of undergoing surgery and the actual recovery period was something I enjoyed and learned from.”

That experience made him a believer in the benefits of chiropractic care. Today, Dr. Alan Pintaric owns Health Solutions, a chiropractic and massage therapy clinic located in midtown Toronto.

“I now have the opportunity to show my own patients how good chiropractic care feels, and what a healthy solution it is,” comments Pintaric. “I can relate to that personally.”

A Scotiabank customer since 2003, Pintaric says the bank helped him to get into business. Through an accountant, Pintaric was referred to a Scotiabank Small Business Advisor in downtown Toronto who arranged $150,000 in financing to help him purchase the practice from a previous owner for the amount of $225,000 – the difference coming from a few investors and his own funds.

“I’m loyal to the bank – they helped me with the original loan to buy the business, and arranged a good rate for my home mortgage. In fact, my wife now has a Scotiabank credit card,” he says. Pintaric also uses his business line of credit regularly to help cover operating costs and overhead.

Plans for expansion will require utilizing bank products to help with financing. These plans include “adding a chiropractic associate, nutritionist and other health professionals.” Pintaric says more team members will allow his clinic to serve a wider array of customer needs and make his business more attractive to new and existing clients.

Pintaric knows these plans will require him to work even harder to promote his business – he already does plenty of hands-on marketing, such as going out into the community to deliver free healthcare lectures to employees in local businesses, to attract them to his facility.

“My best customer is someone who is concerned about their health and who would like to remain active throughout their life,” Pintaric says.

At the end of the day, like any business owner, Pintaric says he draws the greatest satisfaction from serving customers. “I really enjoy helping patients feel better,” he enthuses.

Your Scotiabank Small Business Advisor can help you to explore a variety of financial products, services and resources to support business growth.

[DISCLAIMER: The experiences of this customer and the customer’s relationship to Scotiabank are unique to that customer and may not necessarily apply to any other individual business. The combination of Scotiabank advice, information and resources presented to this customer constitute a customized solution for that particular customer and therefore should not be expected in a different business situation.]

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