Are You Sacrificing Too Much for Your Children?

Are You Sacrificing Too Much for Your Children?

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As mothers, we have a tendency to give our children everything we have. While they may thrive from this constant attention, it is important that we also take care of our own needs. Remember that motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t neglect yourself for long before feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and resentful. Try to give your children the example of a confident and happy mother who adores them but also respects herself. Here are some indications that you may be sacrificing too much:

Remember that motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint.

You’re burnt out. Are you tired all the time? Does it seem like nothing you do makes a difference? Are you completely overwhelmed? If so, you may be suffering from burnout. Burnout is a combination of stress, exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy that can lead to a loss of energy and purpose. When you face burnout as a mother, you may suddenly feel that you have nothing left to give. If you’re showing signs of burnout, it is important that you address it before it becomes unmanageable.

You feel guilty taking time for yourself. Do you feel guilty when you are working on your business or doing anything that doesn’t involve your children? It is important that you let that guilt go. Remember, both you and your children need space to grow a healthy level of confidence and independence.

Your family takes you for granted. You spend most of your day doing things for your family, but you are beginning to wonder if anyone appreciates your hard work. While it is normal for children to take their mother for granted, they do need to treat you with respect.

Your resentment is growing. Resentment can sneak up on you. You endured the days when you were forced to do all the work while everyone else enjoyed themselves. You were silent when you had to cancel something that you really wanted to do because your family needed you. Even though you were prepared to make those sacrifices, you weren’t happy about it. You don’t have to be a saint. If you aren’t honest with yourself about your feelings, your anger and resentment will continue to grow.

Take some time to consider what you want your children to see when they look at you. You aren’t doing your family any favours by allowing yourself to become drained and beaten-down. Only when you take care of your own needs and respect yourself are you able to provide your children with the compassion and encouragement they need to grow into happy and well-adjusted adults.

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