Arlene's Office Space A-List

Arlene's Office Space A-List

Lifestyle | Posted by - March 19, 2015 at 1:00 am

Whether you’re based at home or in an office, your workspace matters. Personalize your work area with the latest tech and accessories to make your days that much more pleasant. Let us help with this carefully curated list of must-haves.



For Illuminated Work

Light up your desk and whatever you’re working on with this modern, powerful, energy-efficient desk lamp. With 5 colours to choose from, it will give your desk a bright pop!

Pablo Link Task Lamp 




For Easy Projection

Present a slideshow or watch the latest viral YouTube clip on any surface with Beam, the easy-to-use and portable smart projector. And with an app you control with your phone, there’s no shortage of how you can customize. Preorder yours today!





For Painless Meetings

Forget the scramble of copying down what’s on the whiteboard during meetings. Now you can stream your notes and share them with your team in live time, with the Equil Smartmarker. 

Equil Smartmarker




For Uninterrupted Browsing

With the eero wi-fi system, you can seamlessly connect to wi-fi anywhere in your house. Send an email from your home office, and stream your favourite show from the kitchen, all while staying connected.

eero WiFi System




For Keeping Cool 

Summer is just around the corner and while the temperatures aren’t hot yet, they soon will be! Think ahead and keep cool with this portable table-top fan, powered by USB or battery.  

Breezie Tabletop Bladeless Fan




For the Best Sound

These computer speakers are perfect for anyone who likes to work with some background noise. Listen to music while you work, and turn it up later when it’s time for play.

Bose Companion® Speaker System




For an Aesthetic Charge

The Blu Dot Juice Box charges up to 4 of your gadgets while your power cords remain hidden. Keep your most-used tech at full power and your desk looking neat.

Blu Dot Juice Box




For Time and Weather Updates

The classic Braun clock has a new, sleek and modern addition: the Weather Station. Add this new piece on your desk and keep tabs on the temperature both inside and outside. 

Braun Weather Station




For Writing the Cheques

Although most of your writing is likely done on the computer, there are still plenty of occasions that call for a pen and paper. Feel the difference with a Lamy fountain pen – you’ll want to start handwriting everything. 

Lamy Fountain Pen





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