Arlene's Winter End A-List

Arlene's Winter End A-List

Lifestyle | Posted by - February 19, 2015 at 1:00 am

The days are getting longer and winter is almost over! Make the last few weeks of the cold fly by with this carefully curated list of must-haves. 



For Staying Moisturized 

Fight chapped lips with the Capital Vices Collection Skull Lip Balm. The highest quality coconut and sweet almond oils moisten, nourish and protect while Vitamin E provides essential antioxidants. Did we mention it’s unisex?

Rebels Refinery Capital Vices Lip Balm 




For Extra Energy

Daylight hours are getting longer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a jolt of caffeine every now and then. Try Balzac’s Blend coffee – bold, rounded and generous. 

Balzac's Blend




For Indoor Comfort

For when it’s so cold that no amount of blankets can keep you warm, turn on the Dyson Hot. This fan heater uses Air Multiplier™ technology for long-range heat projection to heat an entire room quickly. Added bonus: this doubles as a cooling device for the summer months. 

Dyson Hot + Cool




For Painless Shoveling 

The HEFT is the fastest attaching and easiest to use auxiliary handle, making your snow shovel more ergonomic – reducing pain, fatigue and potential injury.   

The Heft




For Meetings and Outings

You can wear this sweater to your next meeting, or wear it on a winter hike. Either way, you’ll be warm and stylish in this navy ensemble.  

Varvator Cable Knit Sweater, available at Harry Rosen




For In-House Delivery 

It’s lunchtime, you’re hungry, but you don’t want to go outside in the frigid weather. This is where Hurrier comes in: simply enter your destination address, select a Hurrier partner, and order anything. The fast and easy way to get what you need without leaving your house. 

Hurrier, prices vary by location




For Nights by the Fire

Cozy up with this chic, reversible Burberry blanket poncho – inspired by traditional equestrian blankets and made from wool and cashmere. 

Check Wool and Cashmere Blanket Poncho




For the Outdoor Adventurer 

Take advantage of the few cold weeks left and go for a walk in the snow! These snowshoes (available in men and women’s sizes) will help take you through winding forest paths you otherwise wouldn’t travel in regular shoes. 

MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoes (available in men and women's sizes)




For Top-to-Bottom Warmth

You can wear as many layers as you want, but it won’t matter if your feet are cold. Put on a pair of warm socks and add these heated insoles to your shoes for extra warmth. 

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles




For Cloud Convenience

Viper allows you to warm up your car before even setting a foot outside– it’s the world’s best-selling vehicle remote start brand. Customize your very own Viper system that works for you! 


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