Do Your Children Make You More Successful?

Do Your Children Make You More Successful?

Lifestyle | Posted by - July 8, 2016 at 12:30 am

The general consensus is that it is difficult to run a business while being a parent of young children. It makes sense; your focus is split and children put a lot of extra demands on your time. But is it possible that the opposite is actually true? Could it be that you are more successful as an entrepreneur because you have children? Here are some ways that your kids are an asset to your business.

They force you to be more organized. When you are a parent, it is a lot more difficult for you to “wing it.” If you want to maintain your sanity, you need to have a plan for everything. As you program yourself to be organized, you will naturally do it in your work and you will find that it drastically improves your productivity.

They allow you to see things differently. If we let them, our children can provide us with a unique perspective. They see the world with fresh eyes. They don’t make any assumptions and they don’t have the blind spots that we have developed over time. They see things exactly as they are. Your child’s unique perspective can be an asset to your business. Ask them for their opinions and you might be surprised by their insight. When you’re trying to solve a difficult problem, imagine it from your child’s point of view. Sometimes all of our knowledge and experience actually makes it more difficult to find the answer.They raise the stakes. Once you have children, everything suddenly becomes more important. Your time is more limited so you think carefully before you commit to anything and you are less likely to waste it on meaningless tasks. You have less money so you carefully research and evaluate options before making any significant investments. In addition to the normal pressures of making your business succeed, you have the additional responsibility of providing for your children and perhaps leaving them with some kind of legacy.

They force you to unplug. Almost all entrepreneurs struggle with that elusive work-life balance. When you are trying to run a business, it can be difficult to put your laptop down. Children tend to solve that problem by knocking it out of your hands (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally). By demanding your attention, your children force you to give your mind a much-needed break. The key is to make sure that you follow their lead.

When you peek into their rooms at night and look at their little sleeping faces, there is no doubt in your mind that your children make you a better person. However, it requires a broader perspective to see that they also help you with your business. Make sure that you give credit where it is due. Maybe you should put them on the payroll?!

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Maria Locker

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Joanne Macdonald
November 13, 2014 at 5:44 pm
I loved the sentiment in this piece and agree wholeheartedly! As an entrepreneur and also when I was in the corporate world I definitely feel that being a mom not only gives me purpose and healthy boundaries, but it also gives perspective. In the grand scheme of things when things go wrong on a project, or a launch date needs to be pushed out - it's not the end of the world. As a parent I find myself approaching my work and business with a calmer, more balanced view than I may have before. My kids definitely make me better at what I do. They enforce boundaries on me that I may not have the strength to implement just for myself and they remind me daily what's really important in life and this makes me a better business person and manager. Thank you!
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