Four People You Need To Follow Now

Four People You Need To Follow Now

Lifestyle | Posted by - September 20, 2017 at 12:30 am

Every day we have a choice about the narrative we want to build in our heads. Here are four people and storytellers, who show us the power of how images and words can change your life perspective; they’ll make you laugh, ponder life’s oddities, take action on something you’ve been thinking about, and find yourself in awe with the beauty of our world: 

To Dream of Your Next Travel Adventure: Thomas P. Peschak, National Geographic Photographer 

Thomas P. Peschak is a National geographic photographer and marine biologist. His Instagram feed is a fascinating display of marine life that shows so poignantly how little we know about ocean life. His recent feature story in the September issue of National Geographic explores how communities in Mexico’s Baja California are protecting the sea; they’re limiting catches to keep harvests bountiful. A feed like Peschak’s can quickly take our minds off a stressful moment and remind us of how much there is to explore in our world.  

To Ponder Life Quirks: Jenni Avins, Quartz Writer 

Jenni Avins is a young Joan Didion in the making. As the culture and lifestyle writer for Quartz, she produces the weekly newsletter Quartzy, a weekly email about living well in the global economy. Her writing explores everyday topics that we ponder over coffee with a friend: the simple heroism of kids on their first day of school; how to become a person who drinks good wine and isn’t annoying about it; and contemplating the Thermomix as the most convenient but expensive kitchen electronic. 

To Get Motivated: Mel Robbins, Motivational Speaker 

American Commentator, Author, and Speaker Mel Robbins has one mission: motivate people to take action. Her TEDx Talk on “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over” has been viewed more than 10 million times. When you don’t feel like working, you’re uninspired, or unmotivated to get out of bed, go to Mel’s social media accounts. You will find inspiration in quotes and statements that are specific and to the point, and never fluffy: “There will be days where you’re not motivated. But the motivation comes after you show up. Don’t start with motivation. Start with doing.” Find a quote, stick it on the wall, write it on a notepad, and let it inspire you through a project, for the day, or indefinitely.  

To Laugh At The Absurdity of World Affairs: Kumail Nanjiani, Comedian 

You may know Comedian and Actor Kumail Nanjiani from HBO’s Silicon Valley. He’s also recently released The Big Sick, a new movie in collaboration with his wife Emily V. Gordon. If you haven’t heard of Nanjiani he’s someone you’ll want to follow for the intelligent way he brings humour to serious political affairs. Take climate change for example with this recent tweet, “if only we had some sort of sign that climate change was real.” Or, ‘"this is fascinating but also terrifying." - me describing every single thing in #2017.’ He brings a lightness to an ongoing conversation about world affairs that is often absurd and infuriating.

Tell us, who do you enjoy following? 

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