Four To Follow: Journalists To Follow on Travel, Leadership & Small Biz

Four To Follow: Journalists To Follow on Travel, Leadership & Small Biz

Lifestyle | Posted by - August 30, 2018 at 12:30 am

Travel, foreign affairs, and small business - they can all be stressful sometimes, right? How to pack for two climates, the changing nature of politics in the U.S., and feeling shame about having a side job that pays the bills. Meet four insightful journalists who help us understand these situations with ease: 

Ellen McGirt, Race and Culture Writer, Fortune Magazine, @ellmcgirt
Ellen McGirt writes raceAhead, a daily newsletter with insights on culture and diversity in corporate America. One of her recent reports covers hate in education, bias in the court system, and how the world’s top empathy researcher is under fire for her terrifying workplace behaviour.

McGirt helps us see situations from other people’s perspectives whether they face racial hostility, discrimination in the workplace, or gun violence—McGirt is a reporter to turn to when you want to get the full picture of a story. She’s also an advocate for diversity in leadership and regularly shares and retweets interviews with women around the world. Oh, and Obama follows her on Twitter. 

Rosie Spinks, Lifestyle and Travel Reporter, Quartz, @rojospinks  

Our team discovered Rosie Spinks' writing when she wrote a touching reflection about how Anthony Bourdain made her a better writer: she believes Bourdain taught us how to live, not just travel. We like her straight forward advice (how to save money, how to use ATMs, and why one-way flights work for frugal flyers), while her broader feature pieces, such as, A Guide for Crafting A Seamless Vacation From Packing to Returning to Work, are practical for entrepreneurs, who want to be efficient with their time.  

Spinks is funny and gives an impression of someone who is very much herself. She recently tweeted a screenshot of a tweet from her father - every time he sees Larry King she gets an update “Larry King Sighting in Whole Foods checking out the packaged cheese and charcuterie.” Her tweets remind us of taking joy in the nuances of daily life. 

Megan Gibson, Foreign Editor, Monocle, @meganjgibson 

Megan Gibson covers global views on politics, religion, and leadership. She also conducts podcast interviews with Monocle 24 Radio. Gibson recently interviewed Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about being black in America, becoming a global feminist icon, and why she likes wearing bright and colourful fashion; and more recently, she spoke with Brazil’s impeached former president Dilma Rousseff about why she thinks she was a victim of a coup. 

Gibson is based in London, but she regularly shares political affairs updates from Toronto. Her recent retweet from a city hall reporter made us laugh: “While working at Queen’s Park today a politician told me I should smile. Here’s how that scrum went #onpoli #journalism.”

Grace Bonney, Founder, Design Sponge, @designsponge 

Grace Bonney is the founder of Design Sponge, a design community and blog she started 13 years ago. She’s also the author of In The Company of Women, a collection of 100 interviews with small business owners. She recently released the first issue of Good Company Magazine, a new publication featuring interviews with creative women. 

Bonney is honest about the hardships of running a small business, and she encourages open dialogue among creatives to learn from each other’s journeys. We enjoyed reading her post, What I Wish I Wish I’d Known Before Starting Design Sponge, covering lessons in 13 years of business. She said, “You will lose readers, customers, and fans, who want you to stay the same forever, but in exchange you will gain a greater sense of self and hopefully connect with others who know what it’s like to grow into something or someone new. And that feeling is worth more than X amount of followers any day.” 

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Kristen Marano

Kristen Marano covers women and their work for publications around the world. She has interviewed some of the most influential business leaders in Canada and the most passionate change makers in towns and cities as isolated as Perth, Western Australia. Most recently she interviewed Canadian businesswoman Zita Cobb about reinvigorating the economy in Newfoundland through the arts. Kristen's work encourages women to share honest and open perspectives about the emotional challenges of their journeys.

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