How to Get Over Your Fear of Starting New

How to Get Over Your Fear of Starting New

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Former Scotiabank employee launches firm specializing in collaborative family law.

Starting a new business is an exciting time. Lots of decisions to make, seeing your plans materialize, experiencing the adrenaline rush of a sale – it’s all good. It’s especially exciting if the business is doing something unique in the marketplace.

A new firm started by Sabha Hazai called Clarity Law Group is focusing on collaborative family law, which is an innovative practice of law growing in popularity. “It’s for families who are experiencing a marital breakdown and looking for a settlement without going through the rough court process,” explains Hazai.

Hazai says collaborative family law is not to be confused with mediation services. It’s a legal process that enables couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage to work with their lawyers (and, where appropriate, other professionals such as financial experts or family counselors) in order to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and achieve a settlement that best meets the needs of both parties and their children.

“I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives by helping to keep families functioning,” she says.

Hazai credits Scotiabank with helping her launch two careers – the first one as a personal banking officer and the second as a lawyer.

Since launching her enterprise in November 2013, Hazai is enjoying every aspect of growing a young business – and along the way she’s discovering there’s more work to market a new business than one might expect.

“The challenge is that not enough people know about [collaborative family law]. It doesn’t work for every situation, such as situations of domestic abuse or where one party holds significant financial power,” says Hazai. To help get her practice known in a particular area, she’s focusing on serving Mississauga, Caledon, Milton and Peel Region in Southern Ontario.

Hazai credits Scotiabank with helping her launch two careers – the first one as a personal banking officer and the second as a lawyer.

“My banking background has helped me a lot in my law practice, because I also advise clients on estate planning and wealth management,” she explains.

While Scotiabank has supported Hazai’s career development with products such as student loans and personal bank accounts, it’s the support and advice she received about starting her business that she values most.

She turned to Irv Handler, Small Business Development Manager at Scotiabank, for help preparing her business plan.

“I really respect the advice of Irv Handler. He’s helped a lot of professionals to get started,” says Hazai.

“Irv sat down with me and we looked at projections. He gave me really good suggestions for budgeting. He helped me to plan and forecast my business for the next two or three years, and discussed the kind of financing I’ll need for the growth I’m expecting. We looked at what my staffing needs will be, what my operating costs will be – and really supported my plans,” she adds.

In addition to planning, information and advice, Hazai says it was an easy process to set up the various bank accounts and financial products for her new law practice which include a trust account, commercial account and a business line of credit.

“Scotiabank is easy to do business with – they even brought the documents to me to sign, which saved me a lot of time,” she says.

Let a Scotiabank Small Business Advisor help you to grow your professional practice.

[DISCLAIMER: The experiences of this customer and the customer’s relationship to Scotiabank are unique to that customer and may not necessarily apply to any other individual business. The combination of Scotiabank advice, information and resources presented to this customer constitute a customized solution for that particular customer and therefore should not be expected in a different business situation.]

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