Me, Me, Me: Why The Universe Revolves Around Alan Frew (And You)

Me, Me, Me: Why The Universe Revolves Around Alan Frew (And You)

Lifestyle | Posted by - February 8, 2016 at 1:00 am

Here's a bold statement, you ready?

"The universe revolves around…me."

Come again?



Aah, I can hear you all yelling back, “Riiiight, sure it does, Mr. Big Shot, keep dreaming!”


Okay, relax baby birds, don't peck me to death just yet, take a deep breath and hang in with me just a second. If I just left it at that, simply stating the fact that I feel the universe and everything in it revolves around me and offered you nothing more in the way of an explanation, the chances are that you would have every right to come at me like a gang with sticks and stones in hand, calling me an egomaniac and a jerk, etc; albeit completely unaware of what my explanation is for backing up such a bold and controversial statement and quite honestly....I wouldn't blame you.

Interestingly enough though, whether you believe it or not, I happen to know, that a certain amount of people would get it” immediately and most likely would do so without an explanation required at all. Some wouldn't blink an eye at such a statement and most likely would simply dismiss it and get on with their own business because you see, they'd know with certainty, that the universe does not, and could not, possibly revolve around me.


Why? Well the answer is simple. Because they know that the universe is too busy revolving around them!

People who are "hot-wired" for success, totally understand the need to have the universe revolve around them while on their journey to being the best they can be. They have the “feel the fear but do it anyway” philosophy surging through their veins and of course, as I have mentioned many times, not only in my book, THE ACTION SANDWICH, (a six-step recipe to success doing what you are already doing), but also in my public speaking circle, feeling fear but doing it anyway, coupled with the mantra of I must never, never, never, NEVER, give up!" are the two absolute requirements for success, any success, no matter whether you are trying to raise $5,000,000 for a business deal or trying to get as many people to donate $5 towards helping your cause in support of the needy and less fortunate.

I have survived in this crazy, magnificent, frustratingly wonderful music business for over 35 years, and my “feeling the fear and never giving up" approach to life and work has been tested to the limit hundreds of times and of course since having my stroke, there has not been a time where my belief system has been put to the test greater than now.

Those driven to succeed require their focus, their vision and self-awareness, indeed their self-centredness to be acutely in tune and aware of the task before them in order to function at their peak level, completely oblivious of naysayers and disbelievers that always come out of the woodwork not to mention the everyday noise and distractions of life that bombard us day in and day out on a regular basis.

For example, when I have to perform a concert or for that matter, even one song at the highest level, say a National Anthem “live” in front of thousands in a stadium and of course, if televised, then millions, I am almost completely insular and uncommunicative before the event takes place and talking to me about everyday things or trying to get my attention on something important to you is at best, useless. For all intents and purposes, I am gone. Elvis has indeed, left the building! Family, good friends and band mates have known this about me for years and they never take it personally and of course they know that the condition is temporary. This is just a state of being totally self-aware of me, and just me. No one can help me. No one can sing for me. Its just me, my voice, and the task at hand. So, at that point I am unashamed to say that yes the universe is most certainly revolving around me.

But life is meant to be lived in balance and in harmony with those surrounding you and you must always remember that having the universe revolve around you should be a temporary state, required only when needed and that it is not a "get out of jail free card" to being an asshole! Required self-centredness doesn't mean you don't help old ladies across a busy street; it doesn't mean you wouldn't take a bullet for family or friends, nor does it mean you can run red lights knowing you won't cause an accident or won't see the cops in your rearview mirror chasing you down to arrest you. Having the world revolve around you doesn't mean your child's homework isn't a top priority or that a homeless man or woman doesn't need that old jacket you could easily give them. It doesn’t mean you don’t try to be the best parent, or spouse, son or daughter you can possibly be.

Having the universe revolving around you is just simply a high-functioning focus, a skill unto itself, required to completely and utterly give yourself over to all that is required of you on your pathway to success. The high-level thinkers and performers know this, as do our great athletes, and actors, surgeons and “special-ops soldiers, the list goes on.


Is your name on that list? Let the universe revolve around you, try it, apply it to that which you love to do and that you wish to succeed at. Take great comfort in the fact that the "great ones” do this while comfortably remaining to be "positively actioned" in ALL of life's other requirements. And if its any consolation remember this fact: the universe isn’t really revolving around you, because it’s too busy…revolving around…me!


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Alan Frew
Alan Frew is a five-time Juno Award Winner, five-time Canadian Classic Award Winner and Grammy nominee. As a writer of numerous #1 and top 10 hits, Alan has sold in excess of 5,000,000 CDs. He is co-writer of 2010 Olympic Song I BELIEVE and a recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award.
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