Owning It: When Company Practices Sync With Client Satisfaction

Owning It: When Company Practices Sync With Client Satisfaction

Lifestyle | Posted by YouInc.com - June 3, 2013 at 7:42 pm

For twenty-one years, Intelex has developed, implemented and supported software programs for clients around the world. But according to CEO Mark Jaine, the atmosphere at their Toronto-based headquarters is what drives the company's success.

"There's a lot of love that goes around. You see a lot of man hugs."

It's not the average description of corporate culture in Canada's so-called centre of the universe, but then again, Intelex is not an average company. It's a global leader in EHSQ — software that optimizes performance in the environmental, health and safety, and quality categories. They've received accolades for being a green company and a great place to work. Most recently they've been included in Deloitte's Top 50 Best Managed Companies — no mean feat considering the huge amount of customers they service.

"We have over 700 clients in pretty much every industry," says Mark. "Food and beverage, airlines, mining, oil and gas, energy and utilities."

The objective is to help companies reduce their impact on the environment, improve the safety of their employees and boost the quality of their product through electronic web-based systems. Intelex achieves client goals by focusing on the internal goal of employee engagement.

"Our employees take ownership in the success or the failure of the company," says Mark. "Engagement generally means they understand what the mission of the company is, they understand how they contribute and they work their hardest to achieve that."

Mark believes Intelex employees are motivated by the opportunity to work on some of the most advanced software in the world, at a company that takes pride in social responsibility. "We're a technology leader and a community leader," he says. "Also, the subject matter of our software is making the world a better place."

In his yearly goals and priority strategy session, Mark asks every employee to identify what they believe the top two priorities should be for making Intelex the best company possible. Meanwhile, he meets weekly with employees who work closely with customers. The hard work is rewarded with an annual retreat for the entire company, and their families, in Muskoka.

"Things aren't perfect, we bump heads, we have squabbles and whatnot, but I think everybody feels that we're in it together," he says. "We work hard together and we have a lot of opportunity to play hard together."

by YouInc Columnist Tiffany Burns

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