Seat 3A: Leerom Segal, CEO and Co-Founder, Klick

Seat 3A: Leerom Segal, CEO and Co-Founder, Klick

Lifestyle | Posted by - February 26, 2015 at 1:00 am

Name: Leerom Segal
Home Base: Toronto
Occupation: CEO and Co-Founder of Klick Inc., New York Times Bestselling Author
Twitter: @leeromsegal 

Leerom Segal is CEO of Klick, the world’s largest independent health agency, which he co-founded in 1997. Leerom launched his first company at age 12, sold his first business when he was 14, and was named CTO of a publicly traded company by the time he was 16.

Known for his unconventional approach to business, Segal is co-author of the New York Times Bestseller THE DECODED COMPANY: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers (Portfolio/Penguin). He has received numerous accolades, including being named a 2014 EY Media & Technology Entrepreneur of the Year and has spoken at TEDGlobal, Harvard University, Google, Twitter’s World Headquarters, and the Cannes Lions Health Creativity Festival.

Segal places heavy emphasis on giving back to the community. Klick has donated over $1.6M to a wide range of charitable initiatives around the world since its inception.

He also serves on various not-for-profit boards, is an active member of the Young Presidents' Organization, and has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Q: Most visited destination for business
A: New York City. 

Q: Local knowledge tip
A: Zuma just opened on Madison Avenue… my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Q: DIY vs. travel agent 
A: Neither. Jully Kim, my Executive Assistant, is a master orchestrator, she’s invaluable – especially when I’m hitting multi-cities on the same day.

Q: Preferred luggage
A: I love my Tom Ford leather duffle for carry on. I trust RIMOWA for checked baggage.

Q: What three things are on your must-pack-or-will-suffer-a-meltdown list?
A: My workout clothes, my Shure headphones, and my iPad and Kindle. I know that’s four, but I can’t narrow it down to just three!

Q: Preferred airline
A: Air Canada. For all destinations worldwide.

Q: Aisle or window
A: Definitely window, especially when I’m travelling during sunrises and sunsets.

Q: Jet lag strategy
A: I drink a ton of water before, during and after the flight… I’m kind of like a camel in that sense. Then I’ll run on a treadmill or do a spin class right after I check into the hotel. Works every time.

Q: Staying in shape on the road
A: The key is to always stay someplace with a gym, have the concierge book a trainer, and workout before your first meeting – no matter how early it is.

Q: A travel moment that sparked an entrepreneurial idea or solution. 
A: I take inspiration from everywhere I go. I’ve had moments of wow everywhere, from a barista’s level of service to digital displays and art installations at hotels and event spaces.

Q: Best hotel bar for networking with other entrepreneurs.
A: Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto. Because, you know, nothing in the tech world ever happens there!

Q: Best hotel for makeshift office options
A: Any W Hotel. Their rooms make for great remote work hubs with lots of outlets and reliable high-speed Internet.

Q: Time & money saving tips
A: My #1 tip: Find ways to exchange money for time to get the most of your travel days. One way I optimize my time is by using concierge services, like Quintessentially, to program everything.

Q: What hotel has truly lived up to the hype?
A: Amankora Aman Resort in Bhutan. Actually, you can’t go wrong with any Aman resort. The way they integrate the architecture into the scenery and showcase local artists is spectacular.

Q: What do you enjoy finding most in a mini-bar?
A: Red Bull. I have a mini-fridge full of them in my office, too.

Q: Describe your guilty pleasure when traveling
A: Local artisan ice cream or gelato. I’m partial to Freddo from Argentina, though I love anything with dulce de leche. I think I’m getting a craving right now.

Q: Brushes with greatness. Most famous or interesting person you’ve spotted/bantered with
A: Everyone I’ve met at TED and Clinton Global Initiative events.

Q: Tell us about a great little place you recommend to friends
A: The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv. It’s a restored, historic mansion that combines classic European luxury with every modern convenience. Dinings, one of the best restaurants in the city, is also on-site.

Q: Confess to one thing you’ve nicked from your hotel room
A: I’ve taken ideas from some of the amazing hotels I’ve stayed at. In fact, I adapted some ideas from a hotel lobby in Shanghai for my condo.

Q: Favourite island
A: Laucala, a private island resort on the northern tip of Fiji. It’s owned by Dietrich Mateschitz, the inventor of Red Bull and has a custom-built, extreme submarine. So cool.

Q: A travel themed film that has really moved you
A: It didn’t exactly move me but The Hangover was hysterical and very memorable.

Q: A beloved travel book, fiction or non-fiction
A: Anything by Bill Bryson. He’s the de facto standard.

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