Seat 3A: Natalie Gee, Co-Founder, Gee Beauty

Seat 3A: Natalie Gee, Co-Founder, Gee Beauty

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Name: Natalie Gee
Hometown: Toronto
Home Base: Miami
Occupation: Co-founder of Gee Beauty
Social: Twitter: @Geebeauty; Instagram: @Geebeautystudio and @natgeebeauty

Bio: Natalie Gee’s strong creative and entrepreneurial passion, along with her sharp editorial eye for beauty and style, have always guided her to create distinct, effective and smart beauty experiences with an exceptional level of personalized service.

Fueling her strong entrepreneurial spirit, her natural aptitude to lead and her extensive knowledge of the beauty world, Natalie observed that something fresh and modern was missing from traditional beauty experiences, and sought to create something unique, effective and world-renowned. In 2005, Gee Beauty Toronto was established to cater to both women and men who don’t have unlimited hours to spend at a spa, yet who want to maintain a healthy beauty routine. As co-founder of the company (along with her mother Miriam Gee), Natalie understood the need for more accessible, attainable beauty – as easy as picking up your Starbucks coffee. The immediate demand for “beauty-on-the-go” was strong, and Natalie has cultivated an experience that understood this.

The company’s first U.S. location opened in Miami at Bal Harbour Shops in 2011. Natalie continues to grow and direct Gee Beauty’s unique brand of effective, modern and fresh beauty to more and more clients each and every day.

Q: Most visited destination for business
A: Miami.

Q: Local knowledge tip
A: Miami is humid, so embrace it. Good beauty tip: purchase Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray and keep it close; your once frizzy hair will thank you. If you want to be amongst the locals, have your lunch at 3 and your dinner at 10. This city loves to eat late and be social.

Q: DIY vs. travel agent

Q: Most impressive airport
A: Heathrow. And I have to give love to YYZ Terminal 1 – its easy to navigate, and very well kept.

Q: Preferred luggage
A: Tumi (a little late to the game, but carry-on only).

Q: Preferred airline 
A: Preferred Airline (for European & beyond destinations): British Airways.
Frequently Flown: Air Canada.
Frequently Flown & Best Customer Service: Westjet.

Q: Aisle or window 
A: I started out in a window seat; Im now an aisle.

Q: What three things are on your must-pack-or-will-suffer-a-meltdown list? 
A: A good camera or two . . . or three (usually my iPhone, a GoPro, and a Canon 7D). Earphones, and an eye mask to help me sleep when I really need to.

Q: Jet lag strategy
A: Gallons of water (with lemon). Not only does your body need hydration, but your skin also does. I love layering a hydrating mask all over my face, under my moisturizer before I board the plane, and I make sure to use a clay mask once Ive arrived at my destination. The clay helps to absorb dirt and debris, plus gives you a great exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and soft. My favourites are SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Mask & Hydrating B5 Masque. If your skin feels fresh, and your body feels hydrated, the better you will feel.

Q: Staying in shape on the road 
A: If you cant get to a gym or fitness classes, my go-to moves are basic: 50 squats, 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups – in alternating sets of 10. I love Instagram for many reasons, but the fitness people I follow (Larry Track, Amber Elizabeth Dodzweit, Fit Motivation) motivate me so I feel like both my mind and body stay strong.

Q: Preferred in-flight activity 
A: I usually fall asleep within the first hour, and then I catch up on work emails and watch movies (I love my movie time). Over the years, I’ve also made some great “fly right” playlists, and Ive accumulated all types of headphones (Beats by Dre, Frends & iPhone earbuds), so I can switch them out for takeoff and landing.

Q: Your preferred conference hotel
A: The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach.

Q: Best hotel bar for networking with other entrepreneurs
A: Soho House – all over the world.

Q: Best hotel for makeshift office options
A: Soho House.

Q: What hotel has truly lived up to the hype? 
A: When Im in New York, I absolutely love staying at The Mercer. I love how low key and cool the lobby is, and the service is just incredible. I know for my taste, the hype is in the attitude. Impressed every time.

Q: Your most amusing or regrettable holiday souvenir
A: Amusing: the photos and videos I take.
Regrettable: sunburn.

Q: Describe your guilty pleasure when traveling/vacationing
A: The mini bar – every bit of it.

Q: What foreign phrase do you most enjoy tossing about?
A: “What are your Basel plans?”

Q: Tell us about a great little place you recommend to friends 
A: Sunset Harbour/Purdy Ave for Jugo Fresh, Fly Wheel, Barry’s Bootcamp, Green Monkey, Fresh Market, and Pub Belly Sushi. This little strip of life just off the Intercoastal called Sunset Harbour really represents the new mix in Miami – a modern lifestyle of health and wellness, with amazing restaurants and coffee shops that provide both a day and night vibe.

Q: “I would do almost anything to relive every minute of this hotel stay...” 
A: My night at The Dorchester in London. Felt like a real princess. And those beds. Had to jump up to get in!

Q: Confess to one thing you’ve nicked from your hotel room 
A: Beauty products!

Q: The coolest hotel you’ve ever stayed in
A: The very first time I stayed at a Soho House property (NYC 2006), I had an insanely cool experience. It was really the first time where sleeping, eating, working and socializing mixed together so cohesively and still felt “cool.”

Q: The best spa experience of your life
A: Although Im in the beauty business, I rarely go to day spas! I absolutely love getting massages, so I will find myself booking an hour at any hotel I stay at. I do love having facials – medical facials where I really see the result once the treatment is done. My favorites are microdermabrasion and Intraceuticals oxygen

Q: A travel themed film that has really moved you 
A: I just watched La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty), shot in Rome. I absolutely fell in love (again), as it completely moved me with its storyline and art direction. And of course any Woody Allen movie (Vicky Cristina Barcelona - my absolute favourite).

Q: A beloved travel book, fiction or non-fiction 
A: The most relevant travel read for work purposes would be any international Vogue publication. Latin America, Brazil and Paris are in hand every flight. For my personal time spent reading, I love great biographies. I could read Isadore Sharps Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy over and over again.

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