Seat 3A: Roxanne Chapman, Founder, Proper Plan

Seat 3A: Roxanne Chapman, Founder, Proper Plan

Lifestyle | Posted by - October 9, 2014 at 1:00 am

Name: Roxanne Chapman
Hometown: PEI
Home Base: Toronto
Occupation: Founder of Proper Plan
Instagram & Twitter: @roxanneproper

Bio: Born and raised in Canada, Roxanne Chapman has always had an eye for fashion and anything party related. Being independent, driven and a dreamer, she has successfully launched her own full service event planning house suitably named the Proper Plan, known for creating “the plan", a map that keeps your events on time and on budget. With her innovative approach and exposure to the lifestyle industries, Roxanne executes product launches, corporate parties, cultural activities and fundraisers.

Having lived on both sides of Canada, she now calls Toronto her home. Described as carefree, loyal and classic through the pieces she wears and the confidence she exudes, Roxanne Chapman has made her mark in the bustling city. A self-confessed lover of coffee and Pilates, and always on the lookout for what’s next, Roxanne envisions success as showing respect, working hard and always learning. 

Q: DIY vs. travel agent
A: DIY. 

Q: Most impressive airport
A: Heathrow.

Q: Preferred luggage
A: Carry on.

Q: What three things are on your must-pack-or-will-suffer-a-meltdown list? 
A: My iPhone – it keeps my events, meetings, itenerary, and to-do lists organized. It also doubles as my camera and sends me notifications of my scheduled "free time." Nike Runners, I thank the fashion gods these are always in style. My passport, I never leave home without my passport. I am always ready to jet.

Q: Preferred airline 
A: Private.

Q: Aisle or window 
A: Window. I can rest my head against the wall. 

Q: Jet lag strategy
A: Pull an all-nighter.

Q: Staying in shape on the road 
A: Walk everywhere and worry about the rest when I get back home. 

Q: A travel moment that sparked an entrepreneurial idea or solution
A: My biggest challenge is staying focused. When I travel I always come home wanting to design a new clothing line or open a restaurant. But as an event planner I take inspiration when I’m abroad from local events, markets and people’s homes. I love seeing how people host one another in different cultures. Since Toronto doesn’t have the architectural buildings the older world offers, I have started to learn about projection mapping which can transform a space into anything I want. I hope to incorporate this into my next big event. 

Q: Most interesting foreign brand unknown in North America that you think gets it right
A: Merci Merci located at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris. It’s not only a brand, but also a store that gets it right. They mix fashion, beauty, home, garden, café and restaurant all into one perfect experience. They not only have their own collection, but also carry emerging branding and recognized designers. Tip: Start with the soft-boiled egg and rendezvous over a cup of coffee in the used book café. 

Q: Your preferred conference hotel 
A: The Fairmont. When on business the location is key and The Fairmont properties are always in the heart of the city. 

Q: Best hotel bar for networking with other entrepreneurs
A: Soho House, worldwide. 

Q: Best hotel for makeshift office options
A: Four Seasons. There is no hotel more accommodating. 

Q: Time & money saving tips
A: Time – I pride myself on my navigation skills through an airport. While you stand in the security line start removing your jewelry and put it into your zipper pocket. Wear shoes you can slip on and pre-bag liquids at home. For money saving, use and 

Q: What hotel has truly lived up to the hype? 
A: Storm watching at the Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino. It awakens the soul. Tip: Full rain gear is provided to each guest.

Q: On the flipside, a hotel that has been a crashing disappointment? 
A: Ocean Club, Bahamas. 

Q: What do you enjoy finding most in a mini-bar?
A: Jameson.

Q: Describe your guilty pleasure when traveling/vacationing
A: No alarm clock.

Q: What foreign phrase do you most enjoy tossing about?
A: La Doce Vita.

Q: Brushes with greatness: Most famous or interesting person you have spotted or bantered with on your travels… 
A: Some of you just might know him as Justin Bobby.

Q: Tell us about a great little place you recommend to friends 
A: Maderas Village hidden on the Pacific coastal hills of Nicaragua. I was lucky to call this place home for a month and recommend it to anyone that needs fresh air. The sun and surf are just an added bonus! 

Q: “I would do almost anything to relive every minute of this hotel stay...” 
A: Christmas time at The Plaza Hotel, NYC. 

Q: Confess to one thing you’ve nicked from your hotel room 
A: I have a collection of housecoats. 

Q: Favourite island
A: Prince Edward Island. Also known as home. 

Q: The most painfully hip hotel you’ve ever stayed in? 
A: Urban Cowboy.

Q: The best spa experience of your life
A: I don’t know if it was the most luxurious but it was definitely well deserved. Costa Rica had advertised a mud bath with hot springs but the mode of transportation was an hour ride on horseback. I did more laughing than relaxing. 

Q: A travel themed film that has really moved you 
A: The Great Beauty. It opens with a quote, “To travel is very useful, it makes the imagination work, the rest is just delusion and pain. Our journey is entirely imaginary, which is its strength.”

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