Secrets Of A Super-Powered Entrepreneur

Secrets Of A Super-Powered Entrepreneur

Lifestyle | Posted by - October 15, 2013 at 12:00 am

Mild-mannered Sean Patrick O'Reilly turned a lifelong love of comics into Canada's largest publisher of comic books and graphic novels.

Armed with nothing more than talent and a couple hundred bucks, Sean Patrick O'Reilly published a comic book. He didn't know his soon-to-be launched business would soon explode into Canada's number one publisher of graphic novels.

Today, Arcana Studio Inc. is an indisputable leader in Canada's entertainment industry. It produces graphic novels, video games, short-form animation, live-action shorts and feature-length films. It also has a successful line of merchandise and toys based on the original characters they've created.

O'Reilly's trajectory isn't a fluke. He's as calculated as he is creative. This is his story as an artist and entrepreneur – told in his own voice, through the medium that he loves.

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