Storytelling In A Digital Age

Storytelling In A Digital Age

Lifestyle | Posted by - December 11, 2013 at 12:00 am

What do you do? Why does it matter? As the General Manager of Wattpad, a mobile, social storytelling platform, I’m constantly asked questions like these – and I love answering. People around the world spend 4.5 billion minutes a month on Wattpad, reading, sharing and connecting through stories. I give presentations that show how Wattpad is disrupting a $100 billion industry and how we’re transforming lives by giving access and voice to millions of people around the world. These facts and stats are great to share, but stories are even more powerful.

One of the best ways to market your company is to tell your brand’s story and share the impact your products or services have had on customers. Doing this helps people relate to and emotionally connect with your brand. Think about what would resonate more with you: the fact that XYZ Auto Repair fixes 100 cars a day, or a story about how Grandma made it to her grandson’s first birthday despite a flat tire? Of course it’s the Grandma story. Why? Because we’ve been there. We can relate to the frustration of being delayed for an important event, and the feeling of relief when problems are swiftly addressed.

By putting the focus on the people and not the platform, we were able to spark hundreds of social media conversations around the world.

This month Wattpad celebrates its 7th birthday. Instead of talking about the company’s growth over the years, we’re putting the focus on the community and telling the stories behind the stories, like Memoirs of an Outlaw written by Bob Tanner. Bob – a former U.S. Marine – shared his military experiences via a Wattpad story as a way to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. By sharing his experience, Bob hopes he can help other veterans who face the same challenges he overcame.

By putting the focus on the people and not the platform, we were able to spark hundreds of social media conversations around the world. People love to tell stories. By simply asking them to share their ideas and experiences, we were able to highlight the global impact of Wattpad without saying a word. In a short 24 hours we received more than 100 individual submissions that answered the question: How has Wattpad enriched your life? People took to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube to talk about it.

Wattpad: Story Telling In A Digital Age

We were surprised, we were delighted, and we were shown that sometimes the best way to market yourself is to let your users do it for you.

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Candice Faktor
Candice Faktor has a passion for growing consumer internet businesses. She is currently the GM of Toronto based Wattpad, a new form of entertainment that combines social, mobile and reading. Prior to Wattpad, Candice was co-founder of Torstar Digital where she helped build, acquire and launch over 15 digital businesses in 7 years.
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