Talking to Entrepreneurs: Natasha Koifman, President, NKPR

Talking to Entrepreneurs: Natasha Koifman, President, NKPR

Lifestyle | Posted by - January 22, 2014 at 12:00 am

In the video that follows, Natasha Koifman, President of NKPR, delivers a novel definition of an entrepreneur when she says, “I’m a problem solver. I always have been, even before I owned my own company. I think of the end result and how do I achieve that.”

Koifman founded NKPR back in 2002 – and today the firm boasts an impressive roster of over 30 national and international brands.

One of the keys to her success? Koifman says: “I think the big thing for any entrepreneur is to continue to be innovative. And it needs to be a natural evolution of what you’ve been doing.”

YouInc caught up with Koifman for a candid conversation about her professional and personal journey, a conversation filled with fascinating insights into her unique take on business and life.

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