These Four Quotes Prove Women’s Power To Change The Future

These Four Quotes Prove Women’s Power To Change The Future

Lifestyle | Posted by - October 6, 2017 at 12:30 am

Women in the World recently held its inaugural Canada Summit in Toronto. Summit Founder and Journalist Tina Brown spoke with leaders from around the world about how to improve the lives of women and girls. YouInc highlighted quotes from four empowering conversations about how children can teach parents empathy, how sports lead to confidence, and the need to challenge how advertisers objectify women: 

Angelina Jolie On Building Empathy 

Jolie, who was in Toronto to promote her film, First They Killed My Father, took the stage with Author Loung Ung, whose memoir the film is based on. The story is told through a child’s point of view, and Jolie reflected on the relationship between herself and her own children and said, “My children teach me. I'm raised by my children. I see the world through their eyes and I'm better for it." 

"Connecting with and helping other people is a pleasure and a privilege," she said. "I want [my kids] to be with people in other countries, to enjoy them and celebrate them. Yes, I want them to have empathy, but that comes naturally if they're exposed."

Grieving Mothers Robi Damelin and Bushra Awad On Recognizing The Humanity In Each Other 

Israeli Robi Damelin’s son was killed by a sniper while serving in the Israeli army, and  Palestinian Bushra Awad’s son was shot by an Israeli soldier in Beit Omar. They spoke about coming together after they lost their sons to help end the conflict. Awad said that, prior to meeting Damelin, she thought “Israelis were killers,” but when she spoke with her for the first time, that changed. “When we talked about our sons and she cried, I forgot she was an Israeli and [instead I saw her] as a bereaved mother.” Damelin said their unexpected friendship shows what’s possible. “We recognize the humanity in each other.”

Actress and Producer Roseanne Supernault On How Sports Build Confidence 

Roseanne Supernault is a Metis Cree actress and founder of Next Gen Productions. She spoke about the objectification of women in the media, and how sports lead to confidence: 

“I would tell anyone who listens to put your children into sports. I grew up doing taekwondo, basketball, volleyball . . .  and my dad taught me how to hunt and trap when I was younger. It gave me a very solid sense of confidence to know that in spite of anything I might be going through off  the court, I knew that I could dominate on the court. And that gives you a certain kind of swagger, even at a young age.” 

Advertising Executive Madonna Badger On Women Empowering Women

Madonna Badger founded New York-based advertising agency Badger & Winters. She spoke about a campaign she launched called #WomenNotObjects, advocating against the objectification of women in the media: 

“I’ve had my own advertising agency for 25 years. And before I started that agency, I did the Marky Mark and Kate Moss campaign. So I made Kate Moss skinnier. … in other words, I was a culprit, for many years. And I didn’t understand the harm I was causing. After a few years...we decided to do something about it [and launched #WomenNotObjects]. We had about 45 million views and reached over 175 different countries, all with a budget of about $5,000. 

Who’s inspiring you right now? Share with us in the comments below.

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Kristen Marano

Kristen Marano covers women and their work for publications around the world. She has interviewed some of the most influential business leaders in Canada and the most passionate change makers in towns and cities as isolated as Perth, Western Australia. Most recently she interviewed Canadian businesswoman Zita Cobb about reinvigorating the economy in Newfoundland through the arts. Kristen's work encourages women to share honest and open perspectives about the emotional challenges of their journeys.

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