Three Smile-Worthy Videos To Start Your Day

Three Smile-Worthy Videos To Start Your Day

Lifestyle | Posted by - May 30, 2017 at 12:30 am

Opportunities to smile are always around us. The woman working the drive-thru window who sings out your order. The stranger who offers their seat on a packed bus. A long afternoon chat with a friend over coffee—social interaction boosts our heart rate and increases our endorphins. We’ve rounded up three videos to start your day with good vibes, to ease a negative situation at work, and let any worries float away: 

85-Year-Old Best Friends Show Friendship Never Gets Old 

Friendship never grows old, and for Harvey and Eddie, both 85, the same bonds over music, walks, and talks remains. Harvey and Eddie will make you laugh with their brutally honest interpretations of cultural slang like ‘OMG,’ their critique of rap lyrics, and why letter writing is better than social media. It’s a charming watch, and hits at the core of what friendship is all about: a chance to connect over the small pleasures in life. 

Feel-good takeaway: Be curious, clear, and honest to get the most out of friendships. 

The Benefits of Cucumber Brought To You By Macka B

Macka B is a Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter from the UK. He hosts a Medical Monday series on YouTube where he raps the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.  His video, Cucumba, recently gained popularity after being shared on Facebook. Macka B is guaranteed to make you laugh; he rhymes and sings long sentences on beat, while expressing enthusiasm for vegetables:

Raw inna salad is one of the use, 
or as a base for your vegetable juice. 
Another surprise, put a slice on your eyes, 
take away the dryness revitalize. 

Feel-good takeaway: Use creativity like singing, drawing, or improv to teach a concept or lesson. 

Kindness Comes In Small Actions 

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day: we hold the door for a stranger, stand up for a classmate at school, or show a tourist directions. This video eloquently captures life moments where we can offer someone a hand, and reinforces our belief in humanity and human kindness. 

Feel-good takeaway: If you’re feeling frustrated and upset with yourself or another person, watch this video to gain perspective on the situation. 

When we think good thoughts, we live good actions. For more feel good interactions, follow these emotionally-intelligent leaders, and watch these TED talks to renew your thinking on happiness. 

What videos have made you smile or laugh lately? Share with us in the comments below. 

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