Top 8 Subscription Boxes For Entrepreneurs

Top 8 Subscription Boxes For Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle | Posted by - August 31, 2020 at 12:30 am

The entrepreneur life often means long hours, few breaks, and tons of choices and details to field. Making even the smallest additional decisions, such as what to eat or read or how to unwind can sometimes be too much. This is where subscription services can provide some welcome relief. We’ve selected eight services, including food, clothing, professional development and wellness products for the busy entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs work hard, and often long hours. The last thing you often want to do is think about what to make for dinner. Home Chef is a popular meal preparation subscription box that offers 38 weekly meal choices and customers can spend less than $50/week with customized plans.

MunchPak Snacks

Busy entrepreneurs often forget to eat in the middle of the day. Having healthy snacks on hand can make the difference between "hangry" and productive. In the age of the “artisanal” snack, MunchPak draws from snacks around the world and claims to offer quick shipping. Your first box is less than $20/month and there are a variety of subscription options thereafter.

Frank and Oak

For the sustainably conscious entrepreneur, there’s Frank and Oak personal clothing styling. Every month you’ll get to choose from 4 responsibly sourced items that range from $29 to $149. New subscribers can get $30 off their first box and a waived styling fee.


For entrepreneurs (of all genders) who need a wider selection of clothing, and may have to dress for a number of occasions that range from the casual to the professional, Stitchfix is a personal styling and clothing subscription company with a free return policy. You can also try it just once without paying a fee before agreeing to sign up. You can also customize your price range. Customers who take everything in their monthly box will get a 25% discount.


For the entrepreneur who still needs some professional guidance, CoachCrate offers a hefty number of coaching related items starting at $45/month. Boxes include a growth plan, a book with a reading guide, 1 to 3 exclusive online coaching sessions to “push past your comfort zone,” additional coaching content that can include a live coaching call, or worksheets, and audio files, 3 to 6 productivity, relaxation, growth and well-being items.

Sparkle, Hustle, Grow 

This subscription box is aimed at women entrepreneurs, offering business books, online training and “chic office supplies.” Though the branding is a little over-the-top gendered, they have a number of boxes to choose from, such as “Guided Accountability” and “Instagram+ Influence.” Boxes start at $44.95/month.


This subscription box, which claims to be “for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs,” intends to offer inspiration, motivation and empowerment. A monthly box will include a personal development or business book, as well as three to four other curated “entrepreneurial items.”  Boxes start at $39.99/ month.


Work may be your passion, but it can also bring high stress levels. Entrepreneurs are often notoriously bad at scheduling mental health days and therapy sessions. This box is curated by therapists with a therapeutic activity “to wire your brain for more joy” as well as six to eight self-care, wellness products they claim will help you reduce stress and bring inspiration and joy to your life. $30.99/monthly.

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Jordan Rosenfeld

Jordan is a freelance writer and author of eight books--six writing guides and two novels--most recently: How to Write a Page Turner (Writer's Digest Books). Her articles and essays have appeared in such publications as The Atlantic, Daily Worth, The New York Times, Quartz, Scientific American, The Washington Post and many more. Follow her: @JordanRosenfeld on twitter, or visit:

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