Your Weekend Reading: Why Curiosity Matters & Management Secrets of Former U.S. Presidents

Your Weekend Reading: Why Curiosity Matters & Management Secrets of Former U.S. Presidents

Lifestyle | Posted by - August 24, 2018 at 12:30 am

Why measuring consumer confidence isn’t useful anymore, the three things you need for a successful pitch, and what we can learn from former U.S. presidents about the power of storytelling: 

The Most Effective Memory Methods Are Difficult - And That’s Why They Work - Quartz  

Miles Kimball, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder says knowledge and understanding stick when you study in a way that makes you fail over and over again. Why? You start to realize what you don’t know. 

Doris Kearns Goodwin Knows What Presidential Leadership Looks Like - Fast Company

She became the first female journalist to enter the Red Sox locker room in 1979; Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin releases her new book in September, Leadership: In Turbulent Times, about the management secrets of former U.S. presidents. In this interview she gives us a glimpse of what we can learn from their roles about storytelling, crisis management, and having a life beyond work. 

Measuring Consumer Confidence Isn’t Useful Anymore. Here’s What We Should Do Instead - World Economic Forum 

Authors Amy Cuddy and Jon Alexander make a case that The Consumer Confidence index is “outdated, ineffective, and even dangerous.” Established in 1967, the index was meant to be a “powerful barometer to inform business decisions,” but these authors believe the survey needs to evolve to include participation as well; Cuddy and Alexander suggest a new name: Citizen Confidence Index.

The Three Things You Need In Your Pitch Deck - YouInc

A successful pitch relies on strong communication, not fancy graphs and details. Know and state what value you deliver, be clear about what support you need to achieve your objectives, and ask investors thoughtful questions to show you’re engaged. 

Why Curiosity Matters - Harvard Business Review 

New research shows that curiosity is vital to an organization’s performance. “When we are curious, we view tough situations more creativity,” says Behavioural Scientist Francesca Gino and the author of this new article..Learn how leaders can bolster creativity with everyone in a company.

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