Your Weekend Reading: Power Of Positive People & How Modern Life Is Making Us Sick

Your Weekend Reading: Power Of Positive People & How Modern Life Is Making Us Sick

Lifestyle | Posted by - August 9, 2018 at 12:30 am

The power of positive people, the value of embracing imperfection, and how kids of working moms grow into happy adults. Here are your weekend reads: 

The Power Of Positive People - The New York Times

Do your friendships energize you or bring you down? According to research, who we spend time with affects our well being and influences obesity, anxiety, and overall happiness. Learn how to assess the positive impact of your social network. 

12 Books From Favourite TED Women Speakers - TED Blog 

Long summer days are the perfect time to get lost in a story. The curator of the TEDWomen Conference shares 12 books from top TEDWomen speakers: men and women authors share personal experiences that give greater meaning to our lives - architecture that improves communities; the gift and power of emotional courage; and how growing up in refugee camps helped one woman believe there are great people in the world. 

What Is Wrong With Modern Times And How To Regain Wisdom - The School of Life   

The pressures of modern life are making us sick. But, we could feel much better if we allow ourselves to embrace imperfections, according to The School of Life. If society teaches us how to be individuals, how can dependence also help us? If a sunny outlook on life is valued, how can falling into melancholy be equally productive? Here are eight ideas to counteract modern ills. 

Kids of Working Moms Grow Into Happy Adults - Harvard Business School 

New research shows that kids of working moms are as happy in adulthood as the children of stay-at-home moms. Harvard Business School Professor Kathleen McGinn hopes the findings will help demystify the belief that a child’s well being and growth is at risk when a mother decides to work. 

How Food Can Be A Tool For Social Change - TED IDEAS 

Why isn’t the food on our plates accessible to every person, regardless of our economic standing in society? Agriculture has the potential to create equal, self-sufficient, and prosperous communities and countries. TED Fellow and Chef David Hertz shows us how - he introduces the concept of “social gastronomy” - the global effort to tackle social issues through food. 

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